Proposed Changes to AALL’s Bylaws: Membership

At its July meeting the AALL Executive Board voted to propose changes to AALL’s bylaws affecting membership categories. AALL’s news release on the Board’s decisions is here. Implementation still requires the membership to vote on the proposed changes. The news release seems to indicate the vote will be happening via distributed ballot during October 2012.

AALL has issued a PDF of the proposed changes and another PDF of FAQs on the changes. This is a vendor relations issue because the primary membership category (“Active”) could possibly be expanded to include vendor representatives. The possible ramifications of this have generated much online discussion. 

At Outside the Jungle, Betsy McKenzie has written several posts questioning the proposed changes (first post, second post). She also commented on the changes’ discussion at AALL’s Members Open Forum in Boston (here).

Joe Hodnicki added to the coverage at Law Librarian Blog (here).

At Ipso Facto, Ken Hirsh and Michael Ginsborg discussed the proposed changes and how these changes have been presented to the membership (here).

Greg Lambert (Board Member, but not speaking for the full board) gave his thoughts at 3 Geeks (here).



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  1. A very bad idea to alllow vendors on the Board or as chairs of committees. Don’t we see the conflict of interest issue? Leah F. Chanin, Retired and Past President AALL

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