Oxford discontinues Treaties and International Agreements Online

As of March 2014, Oxford University Press (OUP) will discontinue their Treaties and International Agreements Online service. From the OUP announcement:

“In March 2014 the Treaties and International Agreements Online (TIAO) service from Oceana Law Online will be discontinued. With the launch of the new Oxford law publishing platform in July 2013 and the migration of our Constitutions service from the Oceanalaw.com platform in September 2013, we faced a decision regarding the remaining content on the Oceana site. It was decided that, while TIAO served a clear market need when it first launched, the advent of ever better official sites for treaties has changed the nature of that need, and the usefulness of the service had run its course.
•    For customers with current subscriptions running past March 2014, your sales representative will be contacting you.
•    For customers with January renewals, you will have the opportunity to renew through the end of March at a prorated and discounted rate.
As we develop our international law online offerings, we will look to add treaty law resources focusing on rare and hard to find materials, such as the forthcoming digitization of Parry’s Consolidated Treaty Series, and value added commentary on treaty law. The print series Consolidated Treaties and International Agreements will continue to be published.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at oxfordonline@oup.com.”



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