CRIV/Wolters Kluwer May 2016 Call

CRIV / Wolters Kluwer Semiannual Call, May 17, 2016


On May 17, 2016, CRIV had its second semiannual call with Wolters Kluwer.   There were no outstanding requests for advocacy involving Wolters Kluwer products from the AALL membership to discuss.

CRIV inquired about usage statistics, including what is offered, in what format, and what do libraries have to do to get them?  What is available really depends on the platform.  Account managers can provide statistics, and Wolters Kluwer is working on some standardization.

With regard to recent complaints about Transfer Binders being inadequately sized, Wolters Kluwer advised that libraries can go back to the vendor and re-size the binder.  They can call the customer service line at 877-529-5427 with questions and requests for new binders.

The ongoing project to create MARC records for Cheetah and Intelliconnect  on which Wolters Kluwer has been working closely with VRAG group is complete.  MARC records are available free of charge for both Cheetah and Intelliconnect at There are close to 1,000 records, with more to come.  Wolters Kluwer reported that working with VRAG was great.  They are working with OCLC to get MARC records in Worldcat. Those will be available in the next month then updated quarterly.

With regard to upcoming changes or developments regarding Wolters Kluwers’ products or policies, there are no policy changes.  Product-wise, Cheetah has added materials in new areas of law, including tax, banking and consumer finance.  There is already materials for already have securities, corporate, IP, antitrust, and litigation.  Coming in one to three months: pension, benefits, labor and employment, government contracts, and payroll.   Wolters Kluwer is also launching a training, consulting and SED services program.  In terms of just in time learning, they will be coming out with some shorter videos.  There is no plan to phase out Intelliconnect at this time.   Finally, there has been no replacement named for Linda Dunton, who retired in February 2016.  Doug French, executive director of marketing, and Cindy Kaplan will work with CRIV until there is a permanent person in the role.

CRIV reminded Wolters Kluwer of the upcoming Vendor Roundtable at the Annual Meeting in Chicago. The event will be on Sunday, July 17th at 5:15 PM in the Hyatt Regency Acapulco Room.  Wolters Kluwer is interested in participating.





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