CRIV Thomson Reuters Vendor Liaison Call Notes from January 26, 2017

CRIV Thomson Reuters Vendor Liaison Call

January 26, 2017 – 10 AM PST

The participants on the call were Gilda Chiu (CRIV Vendor Liaison to Thomson Reuters) and Lori Hedstrom (National Manager of Library Relations for Thomson Reuters).  The following were the items that were discussed:

Issues and Concerns

  1. Changes in the shipping of bound volumes – a member asked to inquire about any changes to the shipping schedule for bound volumes.  They have noticed that shipping has changed from a more regular schedule (a couple of times every week) to once a month, with deliveries spanning about a week.  They have found it to be very disruptive to their workflow and would like to know if there has been a delivery schedule change and whether this is a temporary or permanent change.

LH – This change was implemented in mid-2015.  It supports our continuous improvement efforts in driving internal efficiencies by reducing material handling and eliminating operations, and provided additional savings in shipping costs.  It also addressed customer feedback regarding package handling by combining multiple shipments into a single ship group so customers did not have to handle packages multiple times.

  1. Accurate Westlaw Records in Ex Libris Community Zone – Mari Cheney from Lewis and Clark Law School submitted an issue to CRIV about the inaccurate records available for Westlaw through the Ex Libris Community Zone. She has been in contact with both Thomson Reuters and Ex Libris about the issue since October 2015 and has received no solution from either party. She compiled a timeline for all of her interactions with both companies about the issue, which was sent to Thomson Reuters before the call.  Mari is not the only librarian that wants this resolved.  Several other librarians have reached out wanting a solution to this issue.  I compiled the various emails received for Thomson Reuters to review before the call.  Given how many librarians have been vocal about wanting a solution to this issue, I stressed to Lori the need for this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

LH – Prior to receipt of the call agenda I was unaware of this issue, but in my initial investigation I have identified two teams with whom I will work to solve this concern, in partnership with Zach Gose, Academic Regional Field Manager, who has been involved.  I will provide progress updates to Gilda Chiu for publication in the CRIV Blog, and our final report will appear in the next print issue of the CRIV Sheet.

  1. Recent or Forthcoming Changes/Developments Regarding Thomson Reuters Products/Policies

Westlaw – Fall 2016

We released Statutes for Research Recommendations, Best Portion Navigation, Superbrowse for Regulations, and Court Level sorting.  Account Team members and Librarian Relations Managers can provide training on any of these elements members would like to explore.

Westlaw – February 2017

Secondary Sources are essential for providing guidance and analysis in every area of the law.  A redesign of these resources on Westlaw allow users to secure a strong starting point find leading caselaw, and cite widely respected sources as persuasive authority in arguments to the court.  This effort was undertaken to optimize the online user experience and address customer feedback by simplifying how users find, access, and navigate this content with new filter and sort options:

  • Table of Contents – full browsable TOC available on both the publication’s landing page & when viewing a document
  • Reading Mode – aggregate multiple documents into a single display
  • Scope Screen – additional relevant information including a description of the content and links to other relevant secondary sources
  • Pinpoint Linking for Rutter Group publications – Go directly to the cited paragraph in these popular California publications

Westlaw – Coming Spring 2017

We anticipate having statutes recommendations in Folder Analysis and continue our iterative product development and maintenance process, making small changes as customer requests are collected and ranked for prioritization.

Practical Law – in progress 2017

  • Continued expansion of jurisdictional content
    • Concentrating on top jurisdictions
    • Developing state-specific versions of key resources in each practice area
  • Cross Practice Collections – Life Sciences, Financial Services
  • New Subtopic – Out of Court Restructurings (Bankruptcy)
  • New What’s Market databases
  • Enhancements to Practical Law & Practice Point
    • Tasks in Practice Point search results
    • Start-Ups & Small Business page

Business Law Center research library integration



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