CRIV Vendor Liaison call with LexisNexis

LexisNexis/CRIV Call – June 12, 2018

1. Present on the call were Carolyn Bach, LexisNexis Senior Manager of Faculty and Librarian Relations; Teresa Harmon, LexisNexis Director of Segment Management; Drew Jones, Segment Manager; Kate Hagan, AALL Executive Director; Jim Gernert, Chair, AALL Committee on Relations with Information Vendors.

2. New Lexis Products of Interest

a. Ravel Caselaw – now includes scanned images of cases as they appear in print reporters; Federal and state cases back to the 1600’s.

b. Law360 has added a Tax authority section and a current awareness product.

c. AI/Machine Learning – Answer cards have been added to Lexis Advance; Ask Lexis Advance for noteworthy cases.

d. Judge answer cards: type in name in the form of a question; returns judge’s most recent or noteworthy cases; all level courts; still working on building out trial level courts.

e. News search relevance: There is now better ranking of news results due to improvements in the algorithm.

f. Additional segments have been added in Experts and Trademarks areas.

g. A holistic review of how results are presented was done. They now include additional information such as who wrote a news article.

h. QWIK format has been brought in to Lexis Advance, and can now be found in the Copyright, Trademark, News, Legal News, and Cases search results.

i. Lexis Practice Advisor now includes Federal Civil Practice and Antitrust.

j. Upcoming:

i. Lexis Practice Advisor: Plans to add a state law comparison, new databases for Tax, Private Equity, and Privacy.
ii. Integration of Ravel in to Lexis Advance, including PDFs, Ravel view, a citation visualization map, citation alternatives, and a visual representation. Ravel will eventually be integrated completely in to Lexis Advance, but isn’t there yet.
iii. Snapshot of Shepard’s from Results list will be added in approximately July 2018.
iv. Non-billable zone is being added to Lexis Advance. The expectation is that it will primarily be used by admins in law firms that bill back.
v. Integration points will be added through Lex Machina, including Answer cards
vi. Notice of Appeal language will be added, but it will still have the yellow triangle as well.
vii. Full-text alerts are being added to Lexis Advance.
viii. Awards segments will be added to the Jury Verdicts database.
ix. Law Reviews – names
x. Courtlink integration in to Lexis Advance will be coming by the end of 2018 or January 2019.
xi. Custom pages will be able to be shared in the non-billable zone that is being added.

3. Vendor Advocacy Issues (no new issues at this point)

4. CRIV Vendor Roundtable at AALL Annual Meeting – Lexis indicated that they would participate.

5. Lexis sponsored activities at AALL.

a. Gold-level sponsor of AALL conference, and also a sponsor of PLL summit.
b. Two Exhibitor showcases – Lex Machina –and Winning Litigation
c. Analytics Road map – Lexis Nexis legal analytics – This is a new product debuting at show.
d. Legal Analytics theme showcasing new products.
e. Lex Machina and Law360 will be at the Lexis booth.
f. Build your Lexpertise will be one of the activities at the booth. Attendees can complete a quiz and get a prize.
g. There will be separate Intelligize events, and a Law 360 wine tasting session on the 16th



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