CRIV/Thomson Reuters Biannual Phone Call

Conference call took place on December 2 at 11:00 AM EST.


  • Deborah Heller – CRIV Thomson Reuters Liaison
  • Vani Ungapen – AALL Executive Director
  • Karen Selden – AALL CRIV Board Liaison
  • Kim Hurley – Information Management Advisor at Thomson Reuters
  • Rachel Torgerson – Customer Success Strategist at Thomson Reuters
  • Rachel Beithon, Product Developer, Litigation Analytics
  • Rebecca Ditsch, Manager, Product Development, Westlaw Today
  • Craig Vaughn, Senior Product Manager, Practical Law


  • Practical Law’s new Health Care Service
    • Developed and maintained by a team with decades of experience in the health law field.
    • Includes 6 topics at launch:
      • Clinical Trials and Research
      • Fraud, Abuse, and Compliance
      • Health Care Entity Formation and Governance
      • Patient Privacy and Security
      • Payment and Reimbursement
      • General Healthcare
    • Includes State Q&A resources, although not all states are available at launch. Information includes:
      • Data Breach Notification Laws
      • Fraud and Abuse Laws
      • Non-Physician Practitioners
    • Includes Multi-State Charts:
      • Physician Licensing Requirements
      • Consent to be Treated
      • Telehealth Requirements for Private Payers
  • Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics Enhancement
    • Several updates throughout 2020:
      • Interface
      • Active judges pages
      • Additions to Case Type such as public health emergency cases and police conduct
      • Filter to remove MDL cases by default
      • Attorney Finder
        • Search by name and expertise
        • Allows filtering by case type, court, judge, etc.
        • Defaults to motions for summary judgment, but can be adjusted.
        • Allows for comparison
      • Updated Case Type Taxonomy to make materials easier to find and more cohesive
      • Added Damages for Federal District Courts
        • Available from the Courts page
        • Includes civil dockets
        • Data coming from dockets with monetary awards and/or attorney fees or litigation costs. Only dockets where all damages could be determined with sufficient confidence are included
        • Coverage begins from January 1, 2000
        • Coverage varies by jurisdiction
        • Includes a distribution chart with ranges of award in terms of percentage of dockets included
        • Provides a median award amount
        • Monetary awards and attorney fees and costs are separated
  • Westlaw Today, new TR legal news platform, powered by Reuters
    • Accessible in two ways:
      • Via Westlaw Edge or Westlaw Classic using the product picker
    • Includes 30 different practice areas
    • Content comes from several different providers
    • Reuters hired 14 new legal journalists who will contribute to the platform, two of which were recently hired for the service
    • Allows users to submit an article idea via a widget on the homepage
      • Everything is vetted, but this allows for dialogue between the publication and potential authors
    • Provides list of trending companies and law firms derived from recent legal news stories
    • Provides RSS feed delivery
    • For readers with Westlaw Edge, you can click through to the analytics page for attorneys and judges. For users without Westlaw Edge, you will see the person’s profile page
    • Daily Email alerts go out at 8:00 AM ET
      • You can customize alerts to get any or all of the practice areas
      • Alerts can be combined into a single email
      • You can also follow a company in the news
    • The Daily Docket is a Reuters and Westlaw newsletter, which is free and does not require purchase of a TR product
      • Provides a round-up of what is happening (latest news on the courts, lawyers, and legal profession)
    • There are periodic breaking news alerts
  • Updates to Billing
    • Improved communication of billing
      • Also providing electronic invoicing
      • PDF is included in the notice sent out rather than requiring users to follow a link
    • New sale invoice and debit invoice redesign released in May
    • New subscription invoice, monthly account summary, credit note, and pro forma invoices released in September
      • Easier to find the amount due and due dates
      • Clearly displays any payments received
      • Credit notes highlight the amount of a credit and that payment is not required
      • Hyperlinks throughout the document
      • The Monthly Account Statement displays the cleared charges for the previous month as well as any open balance as of the date of the invoice
      • Box at the top displays information about amounts due and due dates
    • Redesign of online invoices coming in Q2 of 2021

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