Facts about PACER

Check out this fact sheet about PACER from the Free Law Project. https://free.law/pacer-facts/


Law Firm Data Security Guidelines

Corporate Counsel Group Issues Law Firm Cyber Guidance

What sort of products are out there to help law firms secure their information? Does anyone have examples and experiences to share?

ProQuest and CALIS Press Release

ProQuest and CALIS bring Chinese scholarship to a global audience

GPO Launches New GPO.gov Website

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is launching a newly designed, user-friendly agency website.


Take a look and submit feedback through the surveymonkey link on the announcement.

Copyright Resource

Copyright issues can often come up between vendors and libraries.  Often this can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about copyright.  Here is a blog post about a handbook that can help librarians navigate some of the aspects of copyright that we regularly encounter.   The Copyright Librarian 

Congress.gov sees record-breaking traffic

We know the Library of Congress is constantly working to make Congress.gov easier and more accessible, and it looks like all that hard work has paid off! Check out this blog post on the most recent usage numbers for congress.gov HERE

A federal judge finds that Georgia holds copyright in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated

In a recent development on an issue that was mentioned in a previous CRIV Sheet article by Casandra Marie Laskowski the non-profit Public Resource.org was found to have violated a valid copyright for posting the Official Code of Georgia Annotated on their website.  Here is a good blog post about the case.  This is the second such loss in recent months for Public Resource which lost a copyright case back in February of this year as well.(blog post attached)  Another discussion of that February loss can be found here.