Wolters Kluwer/CRIV Vendor Liaison Call Notes from 11/27/2017

CRIV/ Wolters Kluwer Semi-Annual Vendor Liaison Call
Monday November 27th, 2017
2pm Central
Participants: C.J. Pipins capipinsii@law.umaryland.edu, Kate Hagan khagan@aall.org, and Chris Pamboukes chris.pamboukes@wolterskluwer.com

I. Welcome

II. Outstanding Requests for Advocacy – NONE

III. AALL Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to WK
a. Getting ready for the AALL Annual Meeting in Baltimore next July. The annual meeting program committee met and selected programs for 2018. Kate will be in contact with marketing folks at WK to disucss their activities at the meeting, in late November
b. There will be a CRIV roundtable at the annual meeting in Baltimore. More details are forthcoming.
c. AALL is working on a survey to determine the State of the Profession. A group of AALL members from diverse library types is developing a survey to look at trends, challenges, and benchmarking that will be of value to our members when assessing their libraries and what they should be looking at to move their libraries forward. The hope is that it will be completed by next fall.
d. Wolters Kluwer should continue to send anything newsworthy to the AALL daily news message Know It All for distribution to AALL members. Product releases, etc. WK would like any current awareness sources from AALL.

IV. WK Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to CRIV and/or AALL
a. WK is sun setting Intelliconnect. The Tax and Accounting platform, which looks similar to Intelliconnect, will NOT be sun setting. They will retain their tax content on that platform and that info will be mirrored on cheetah.
b. Recently WK extended the Standard Federal Tax Reporter historical content. Wolters Kluwer partnered with Hein to provide archives of materials from 1917-1985. Content includes the Internal Revenue Code, IRS publications, and the tax regulations.
c. The research folders from Intelliconnect have been renamed “worklists” for the cheetah platform. Thanks to a recent enhancement, users who do not access Cheetah through an IP range can now share and transfer ownership of worklists to others on the same account. Also, any user can go in and change their password; they no longer have to contact their account representative to get it changed.
d. WK is doing lots of academic training right now, and getting good feedback about cheetah. They are still migrating a lot of premium accounts.
Training and support Site for Cheetah
e. WK has also started focusing on more outreach to law students in addition to librarians. There are many ways to deliver law student training. Schools interested in exploring the training options should contact Chris or their Wolters Kluwer account representative.
f. ID manager 2.0 – For accounts that do not access Cheetah through an IP range, ID Manager 2.0 is a free service from WK where a librarian who is the site contact can manage their account’s user IDs. The site contact can also and go into individual’s accounts in their organization to customize that individual’s cheetah experience. This is really a back end tool to customize someone’s homepage on cheetah to highlight certain content for that person. ID manager also allows the site contact to create user IDs for individuals. To access it click ID Manager 2.0.
g. WK has cheetah widgets that provide functionality that was not previously available. You can search in a cheetah widget on your platform and you can embed the widget on a SharePoint page. That allows you to get access to the WK publications from right there. The widget is free and does not require the user to login. Widgets can help surface content for which users don’t normally search or don’t know exists. Anyone with a username and password can make a widget. Check it out here
Cheetah Widgets
h. For a while now there have been quick start cards to help users quickly see and understand the features available with a WK product. Now there are content specific quick start cards available on the training and support website. Users can also access training videos there as well. Also on this page under specialized training there is a legal pro virtual training option that specializes in one on one training with a person. Users can get a single WK-trainer who will spend 30 minutes to an hour with you. This feature is called Legal Pro Virtual Training. There are lots of options for choosing date/time, and don’t worry. Legal Pro Virtual Training does not count against your contracted hours of training and support time.
Legal Pro Virtual Training.

Wanna learn a little about Congress.gov

And one of the people who make it so great?  Check out the interview with Adrienne Keys, specialist in legislative information systems management within the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress.

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Is Machine Learning Leading Us to Real AI Supported Legal Software

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The Road To Intelligent Legal Software

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Elsevier’s acquisition of Bepress

Did you miss the big news this past August? This is certainly going to be interesting for many librarians.  Elsevier has acquired bepress.

Wolters Kluwer/CRIV Vendor Liaison Call Notes from 6/8/2017

CRIV/ Wolters Kluwer Semi-Annual Vendor Liaison Call

June 8th, 2017

2pm Central

Participants: C.J. Pipins, Kate Hagan, Scott Murray, Chris Pamboukes, Jenna Ellis, and Barbara Cesiro

I.  Welcome

II. Outstanding Requests for Advocacy – NONE

III.  MARC Records Project Updates – Scott Murray

This project is ongoing and can be described as having two parts.  One part is the MARC record creation and the other is the software to make them available.  As for the MARC records themselves.  WK is continuing to learn how to make them and there are almost 3ooo records now.  WK is working on a major data improvement, which began in April. They are optimizing all the records based on customer feedback.  This includes modifying 740 fields and 856 fields on all titles.  There is now just one 856 field that links to that title; this reduces size of the record by half.  MARC records manager is also being optimized for performance to reduce login times.  They have also resolved a few challenges with anonymous access.  The titles and URLs report on the MARC record manager can provide “just the list,” and they are still exploring ways to eliminate duplicate records for a title that appears in more than one product to which a single customer subscribes.  Right now WK MARC records are available for IntelliConnect and Cheetah.  WK is looking at expanding this service to other products and are looking at other platforms that might do this.

IV.  WK Product Update

a. Archival law content added to Cheetah – Mostly for the SEC product line for securities and banking law. Formerly this content was only available in print.  This content will be available June week of 19th at no extra charge.  It will automatically be added to that dashboard of online platform.

b.  There is a new product for tax research called Standard Fed Plus. This product provides point-in-time navigation and redline comparisons of federal tax regulations and guidance.  Here is a link https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/product-family/Cheetah/Tax-Law/Standard-Fed-Plus. This product will be available by the AALL Annual Meeting in Austin.

c.  Enhancements to Cheetah’s news sign-up – There is now improved functionality for news alerts.  You can now find consolidated trackers and newsletters in the same section on cheetah, and there is a separate one for dailies.  Users can choose their preferred delivery format.  Users can also select an aggregated digest email option, so instead of getting 8 or 9 messages you just get one.

d.  What Are The Experts Saying? (WATES) seminars – Jenna Ellis – WK started providing these seminars 3 years ago.  Essentially bringing editorial dept. to the user to answer questions about current developments in an area of law.  A white paper is always the companion piece to the webinar.  There is PPT and an open discussion about the ins and outs of the developments of the field. These interactive webinars try to be conversational and directly address questions gathered before and during the program.  There are revolving topics, and naturally the webinars need updating sometimes.  They are offered at no cost.  There is a webpage with the current invitation and links to past WATES webinars here https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/events/webinars/wates.  They have enjoyed good attendance, usually with a couple hundred people.  They are normally around 30 minutes long.  An exception is the upcoming one on Cybersecurity in the financial industry which will last 45 minutes.

V.  AALL Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to WK

a.  CRIV Vendor Roundtable: Hilton Governor’s Ballroom Salon A, Sunday July 16th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. The topic will be preservation/archives/perpetual access.

b.  Kate mentioned that KnowItAALL, the AALL news round-up that comes out every day is opening up subscription access to everyone so vendors can sign up to get it now. This is curated content for all AALL stakeholders delivered via email every weekday.

Facts about PACER

Check out this fact sheet about PACER from the Free Law Project. https://free.law/pacer-facts/


Law Firm Data Security Guidelines

Corporate Counsel Group Issues Law Firm Cyber Guidance

What sort of products are out there to help law firms secure their information? Does anyone have examples and experiences to share?