Facts about PACER

Check out this fact sheet about PACER from the Free Law Project. https://free.law/pacer-facts/


Law Firm Data Security Guidelines

Corporate Counsel Group Issues Law Firm Cyber Guidance

What sort of products are out there to help law firms secure their information? Does anyone have examples and experiences to share?

ProQuest and CALIS Press Release

ProQuest and CALIS bring Chinese scholarship to a global audience

GPO Launches New GPO.gov Website

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is launching a newly designed, user-friendly agency website.


Take a look and submit feedback through the surveymonkey link on the announcement.

Copyright Resource

Copyright issues can often come up between vendors and libraries.  Often this can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about copyright.  Here is a blog post about a handbook that can help librarians navigate some of the aspects of copyright that we regularly encounter.   The Copyright Librarian 

Congress.gov sees record-breaking traffic

We know the Library of Congress is constantly working to make Congress.gov easier and more accessible, and it looks like all that hard work has paid off! Check out this blog post on the most recent usage numbers for congress.gov HERE

A federal judge finds that Georgia holds copyright in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated

In a recent development on an issue that was mentioned in a previous CRIV Sheet article by Casandra Marie Laskowski the non-profit Public Resource.org was found to have violated a valid copyright for posting the Official Code of Georgia Annotated on their website.  Here is a good blog post about the case.  This is the second such loss in recent months for Public Resource which lost a copyright case back in February of this year as well.(blog post attached)  Another discussion of that February loss can be found here.

Bloomberg Law is getting a new look

Bloomberg Law is probably going to look different to you f you haven’t logged in for a while.  They recently announced a series of changes to their navigation and search features.  This might be of particular interest if you use videos to teach your users about Bloomberg Law in something like a flipped-classroom.  You can learn more by watching this video.

The 2016-17 law firm initiatives initiatives

Check out this very interesting summary of some of the process initiatives identified by readers of the Dewey B Strategic Blog.  It looks like a lot of these initiatives deal with information products and services. Does anyone see anything that surprises them? Anything you want to try at your firm?

The Wisdom of Colleagues: A Plea for Print– KM, Curation, Outreach and ROI Top Process Initiatives in Start Stop Process Survey

Casetext releases enhancements to CARA

Casetext has just announced some new enhancements to its product CARA.  CARA allows you to securely upload any brief or memo, and then it searches the universe of federal and state law to find relevant cases you may have missed.

Here is what’s new:

  • Search within results to narrow down your CARA recommendations to those specific to your search terms
  • Jurisdiction filters make sure your results are all in the jurisdictions you care about
  • CARA is getting smarter, so you should expect to see even more relevant CARA result

Check out their website for more information.

Lexis.com to retire for law school customers

Don’t forget that lexis.com® will retire for law school customers on December 31, 2016. 100% of content on lexis.com is now accessible on Lexis Advance®. You’ll also find that Lexis Advance delivers similar features to lexis.com® plus additional functionality. A variety of resources are available to ensure a smooth transition to Lexis Advance.  Check the website or with your representative for details.

Predictive Business Intelligence For Law Firms

A company called Manzama is developing a product that will alert law firms to leading indicators of risk and opportunity  for business development.  Check out a great blog post from Jean O’Grady on the product and then the company’s website.


HeinOnline added what!?

HeinOnline added 964,179 pages to their products in November 2016.  You can read bout highlights of the new additions at their blog.  You can also check out the entire list of new content.

CRIV/Wolters Kluwer December 2016 Call

CRIV/ Wolters Kluwer Semi-Annual Vendor Liaison Call

June 8th, 2017

2pm Central

Participants: C.J. Pipins, Kate Hagan, Scott Murray, Chris Pamboukes, Jenna Ellis, and Barbara Cesiro

I.  Welcome

II. Outstanding Requests for Advocacy – NONE

III.  MARC Records Project Updates – Scott Murray

This project is ongoing and can be described as having two parts.  One part is the MARC record creation and the other is the software to make them available.  As for the MARC records themselves.  WK is continuing to learn how to make them and there are almost 3ooo records now.  WK is working on a major data improvement, which began in April. They are optimizing all the records based on customer feedback.  This includes modifying 740 fields and 856 fields on all titles.  There is now just one 856 field that links to that title; this reduces size of the record by half.  MARC records manager is also being optimized for performance to reduce login times.  They have also resolved a few challenges with anonymous access.  The titles and URLs report on the MARC record manager can provide “just the list,” and they are still exploring ways to eliminate duplicate records for a title that appears in more than one product to which a single customer subscribes.  Right now WK MARC records are available for IntelliConnect and Cheetah.  WK is looking at expanding this service to other products and are looking at other platforms that might do this.

IV.  WK Product Update

a. Archival law content added to Cheetah – Mostly for the SEC product line for securities and banking law. Formerly this content was only available in print.  This content will be available June week of 19th at no extra charge.  It will automatically be added to that dashboard of online platform.

b.  There is a new product for tax research called Standard Fed Plus. This product provides point-in-time navigation and redline comparisons of federal tax regulations and guidance.  Here is a link https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/product-family/Cheetah/Tax-Law/Standard-Fed-Plus. This product will be available by the AALL Annual Meeting in Austin.

c.  Enhancements to Cheetah’s news sign-up – There is now improved functionality for news alerts.  You can now find consolidated trackers and newsletters in the same section on cheetah, and there is a separate one for dailies.  Users can choose their preferred delivery format.  Users can also select an aggregated digest email option, so instead of getting 8 or 9 messages you just get one.

d.  What Are The Experts Saying? (WATES) seminars – Jenna Ellis – WK started providing these seminars 3 years ago.  Essentially bringing editorial dept. to the user to answer questions about current developments in an area of law.  A white paper is always the companion piece to the webinar.  There is PPT and an open discussion about the ins and outs of the developments of the field. These interactive webinars try to be conversational and directly address questions gathered before and during the program.  There are revolving topics, and naturally the webinars need updating sometimes.  They are offered at no cost.  There is a webpage with the current invitation and links to past WATES webinars here https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/events/webinars/wates.  They have enjoyed good attendance, usually with a couple hundred people.  They are normally around 30 minutes long.  An exception is the upcoming one on Cybersecurity in the financial industry which will last 45 minutes.

V.  AALL Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to WK

a.  CRIV Vendor Roundtable: Hilton Governor’s Ballroom Salon A, Sunday July 16th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. The topic will be preservation/archives/perpetual access.

b.  Kate mentioned that KnowItAALL, the AALL news round-up that comes out every day is opening up subscription access to everyone so vendors can sign up to get it now. This is curated content for all AALL stakeholders delivered via email every weekday.



Webinars provided by Lyrasis

Planning to have a little down time as we wrap up 2016?  Take a look at at the variety of webinars offered by Lyrasis.  Many of them are offered free of charge and with the variety of topics covered, there is sure to be one relevant to you and your library.