Thomson Reuters 2015 Annual Report

Members of the law library community may be interested to know that yesterday, Thomson Reuters filed their 2015 Annual Report.

CRIV Roundtable 2016

Mark Your Calendars!

The 2016 CRIV Vendor Roundtable has been scheduled for Sunday, July 17th at 5:15 PM in the Hyatt Regency Acapulco Room. Further details to be announced in the coming months!

CRIV/Bloomberg BNA Semiannual Call

The semi-annual phone call with Bloomberg BNA took place on November 23, 2015. As this was my first call as CRIV Liaison to Bloomberg BNA (BBNA), I wanted a status report on several topics mentioned in Margie Maes’ Vendor Liaison reports: Vendor supplied records, usage statistics, and the 2014 re-organization. In response to my question concerning vendor supplied records, Michael Bernier reiterated that BBNA remains committed to providing free MARC records to the library community and has been responsive to librarian comments regarding their records. At this time, available records include 859 for BBNA products ( and 556 records for Bloomberg Law materials (

BBNA provides, for law school users only, quarterly usage reports by law school packages on the Bloomberg BNA platform including statistics for page views, number of hits, and e-mail summaries sent. If a law school customer does not currently receive these statistics, they should contact their academic BBNA representative. The Bloomberg Law Help Desk can activate client matter billing on Bloomberg Law that allows law firms to track usage by client matter. Lastly, Michael Bernier confirmed that the 2014 reorganization is complete and no new reorganizations are on the horizon. The only upcoming change is that more engagement representatives are being added to the law firm and government markets so that more law firm and government clients may receive training on BBNA resources.

Michael Bernier provided updates on BBNA’s current products and the company’s focus for the immediate future. They are launching vertical slices of Bloomberg Law. This will mean that subscribers will be able to purchase specific libraries of content in areas such as privacy and data security or banking and corporate transactions. Academic customers will still receive access to all content, but other library types will be able to purchase specific content to satisfy the needs of their practice groups.

Other areas of development for BBNA will be a focus on analytics and more specifically law firm representation analytics including which firms represented which company for certain types of lawsuits. In 2016, more analytical tools are expected.

As there are no outstanding member advocacy issues with BBNA, this concluded the agenda for this call. Our next call will be scheduled for late May/early June 2016, however, should a member advocacy request arise, we will speak sooner.

Respectfully submitted by: Diana Jaque

Vendor Contact Information Updated on CRIV Tools

Save time! Use the updated links on the Vendor Contact Information page. This handy list was recently updated and provides links to legal information vendor websites as well as customer service contacts.

May 2015 CRIV Sheet: Now Available!

The May 2015 edition of the CRIV Sheet has just published! Contents include an article on where and how to report technical errors for major legal database providers. In addition, two narrative articles provide tips for developing and maintaining successful vendor relationships.

Of special note, this is the last print edition of the CRIV Sheet as the publication will transition to a digital-only publication in the fall. Watch this blog for further information on this new development.

In Case You Missed It: Thomson Reuters First Quarter Results

On April 29th, Thomson Reuters posted their first quarter 2015 financial results. The complete set is available here:

Year in Review 2014: Law Library of Congress Global Legal Monitor

The Law Library of Congress released their 2014 top 15 posts for their Global Legal Monitor:

GPO Name Change

In a news release dated today, the GPO announced that their name officially has changed from the Government Printing Office to the Government Publishing Office. Read the full news release here:

SANDALL Institute on UELMA: January 9, 2015

For those interested in UELMA, SANDALL (San Diego Area Law Libraries) is hosting a one-day institute in San Diego on January 9, 2015 entitled: Authenticating Electronic Legal Materials: UELMA & Beyond. Further information on both the program and registration is available at:

New Publicly Available Volume of CRS Reports: The Evolving Congress

In honor of the 100th anniversary of CRS, Congress has taken an unusual step and has released a publicly-available collection of CRS reports. A link to this volume entitled The Evolving Congress is available here:

Further details from one of the volume’s editors may be found on the Congressional Data Coalition’s web site:

Updated Vendor Contact Information on CRIV Tools

CRIV recently updated the links on the Vendor Contact Information page. This handy list gives links to legal information vendor websites and customer service contacts. These links can be a real time-saver!

Name Change Legislation for GPO Advances

The Senate bill to change the GPO’s name from the Government Printing Office to the Government Publishing office will soon move forward to be considered by the full Senate:

AALL Spectrum : Members’ Briefing on E-Books

The current issue of AALL Spectrum includes the Members’ Briefing: E-Books Where Are We Now? Containing four engaging articles on various e-book topics, the briefing is a must-read for those dealing with the reality of e-books in their library:



EBSCO: Infrastructure Adjustments in January 2014

Earlier this week, EBSCO notified their customers of adjustments to the EBSCO technical infrastructure taking place in January 2014. Customers will want to take a look at the notice to make certain that service to their EBSCO resources is not interrupted: