Bloomberg Law Title Collections Added to OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager

If you use OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager, you’ll discover that Bloomberg collections have been promoted to the global cooperative! This happened during the spring and summer and now includes up to 24 collections.

As of September 5, 2023, the following collections are available for selection by Bloomberg and WorldShare Collection Manager subscribers:

  1. Bloomberg Law ALM Media (41 titles)
  2. Bloomberg Law American Bankruptcy Institute Books & Treatises (77 titles)
  3. Bloomberg Law American Bar Association Books & Treatises (92 titles)
  4. Bloomberg Law American College of Trial Lawyers (1 title)
  5. Bloomberg Law Banking Practice Portfolio Series (6 titles)
  6. Bloomberg Law Books (88 titles)
  7. Bloomberg Law Complete (1,425 titles)
  8. Bloomberg Law Corporate Practice Portfolio Series (77 titles)
  9. Bloomberg Law ERISApedia (7 titles)
  10. Bloomberg Law Federal Judicial Center (12 titles)
  11. Bloomberg Law Getting the Deal Through (135 titles)
  12. Bloomberg Law Health Law & Business Portfolio Series (27 titles)
  13. Bloomberg Law James Publishing (49 titles)
  14. Bloomberg Law Litigation Practice Portfolio Series (3 titles)
  15. Bloomberg Law Manuals (36 titles)
  16. Bloomberg Law News (45 titles)
  17. Bloomberg Law Nolo (4 titles)
  18. Bloomberg Law Practice Centers (17 titles)
  19. Bloomberg Law Privacy & Data Security Practice Portfolio Series (12 titles)
  20. Bloomberg Law Securities Practice Portfolio Series (36 titles)
  21. Bloomberg Law Wiley Press (67 titles)
  22. Bloomberg Tax – Accounting Policy & Practice Portfolios (87 titles)
  23. Bloomberg Tax – Tax Management Multistate Tax Portfolios (40 titles)
  24. Bloomberg Tax – Tax Management Portfolios (468 titles)

The records have OCLC numbers so if you use OCLC’s WorldCat Discovery, the records will be discoverable in your public catalog.

While Bloomberg has provided MARC record lists in the past, and will continue to do so, having the collections globally available in OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager can save librarians time from having to download and manipulate lists.



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