CRIV/Bloomberg BNA June 2016 Phone Call

Bloomberg BNA Semi-Annual Phone Meeting

June 9, 2016

I. Present on call:

Mike Bernier: Director of Library Relations, BBNA

Joe Breda: Executive Vice President for Product, BBNA

Kate Hagan: Executive Director, AALL

Diana Jaque, CRIV Liaison to BBNA

Rick Montella, Executive Vice President for Commercial Operations, BBNA

II. Scheduling of Future Calls:

Our next call will be in late 2016 with the 2016/17 CRIV BBNA Liaison.

III. New Bloomberg BNA Products, Policies, and Other Issues of Interest to AALL Members:

There are some exciting new products launching within the next month and substantial enhancements coming this fall!

A new vertical focusing on Tax is coming to Bloomberg Law. It will include a new user interface that was developed after numerous interviews with users and incorporates the results from eye tracking studies. Content will include the Tax Management Portfolios as well as federal and state primary law as well as the complete library of tax content currently available on In addition, the resource consists of historical versions of the tax code back to 1913 as well as a comprehensive collection of agency materials and approximately 15,000 international tax treaty documents. This tax resource has been built as a vertical and is available for sale as a stand-alone product, but will be included in Bloomberg Law subscriptions as well at no additional charge.

In addition, Bloomberg BNA is revamping their Labor and Employment Practice Center on Bloomberg Law and making its content more robust. This fall, all content from the Labor and Employment Law Resource Center will appear on Bloomberg Law as well as additional local labor ordinances and public employee resources.

The Business Development Center on Bloomberg Law is being streamlined and users will be able to build customized dashboards and populate it with widgets covering news, dockets, deals and more. Dashboards can be published and shared firmwide.

Within representation analytics, they also have introduced a jurisdiction view. By the end of the year, judicial analytics will also be available and users will be able to see how judges rule on certain types of motions and, for example, to see how long matters are pending before a particular judge.

IV. Updates from AALL:

Kate Hagan: Summary of recent and upcoming AALL activities.

Most AALL staff members are busy at this time with preparations for the AALL Annual Meeting. The good news is that we are already ahead of the attendee numbers for the past three years. The headquarters hotel is already sold out, but two nearby hotels have been added. Thanks to BBNA for their support of the annual meeting.

“Defining Value: Law Library Best Practices” is an AALL digital publication that is now under production, to be released in the fall of 2016.

AALL is currently recruiting for a Manager, Content Strategy, and is in the interview process now.

V. Requests for Assistance/Member Advocacy Issues: 12/1/15-present:

There were no requests for assistance or member advocacy issues with BBNA since our last phone call.

VI. Questions/Updates:

A. Any plans to sunset?

At this point, most development efforts are focused on Bloomberg Law. The creation of Bloomberg Law verticals continues in different practice areas and allows end users to buy just the material that meets a practice group’s needs. As time goes on, there will be a content gap between the legacy legal products and the Bloomberg Law platform. There is no date given for sunsetting Content will be also be available on dual platforms for enough time for users to be adequately trained on the new platform with significant notice to all affected parties. Subscribers to Bloomberg BNA’s Privacy and Data Security Resource Center Law who renew after September 1 will receive Bloomberg Law: Privacy and Data Security as part of their subscription with dual access for a time to be determined. The CRIV liaison strongly encouraged that BBNA users be given at least one year’s notice prior to sunsetting

B. Revisiting: MARC records:

The Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group for TS-SIS has a page concerning the MARC records supplied by BBNA. BBNA will contact VRAG if content needs to be updated.

C. Revisiting: Usage Statistics:

Ashley Moye has compiled a web page listing how to access usage reports for existing legal databases. BBNA to contact Ashley to make corrections as both Bloomberg BNA and BNA are listed.

VII. CRIV Roundtable:

Just a reminder that the CRIV Roundtable will be held on Sunday July 17th at 5:15-6:15 PM in the Hyatt Acapulco room. Topic is still to be announced, but it will focus on the Vendor’s design process for new electronic products.

CRIV Vendor Roundtable in Chicago

The AALL Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV) will hold its roundtable at the AALL Meeting on Sunday, July 17th at 5:15 PM in the Hyatt Regency Acapulco Room.  Our topic for discussion this year will be the database design process. The discussion will be wide-ranging and should include a short statement by each vendor on aspects of the design process. There also will be a discussion about the end user’s role within that process, included in that will be how the design process accommodates the different constituencies within the law library community including librarians, student, attorney, and public patrons. Your attendance is highly encouraged at this popular event.


CRIV/Lexis May 2016 Call

On May 19, 2016 CRIV had its second semi-annual call with LexisNexis. There were no outstanding Requests for Assistance involving LexisNexis products from the membership to discuss.

CRIV inquired about non-disclosure language in LexisNexis licenses so broad that it would prevent libraries from discussing any aspect of the license agreement with CRIV or AALL. CRIV encouraged LexisNexis to adopt more narrowly targeted language to meet its goals, in lieu of language that prevents libraries from bringing potential issues to CRIV or AALL. LexisNexis responded that its non-disclosure language was unlikely to change.

CRIV inquired about LexisNexis’s current offerings of usage statistics, referencing a page on the topic TS-SIS has been curating. LexisNexis was invited to submit more specific information about its usage offerings for this page.

CRIV invited LexisNexis to contact the Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Group and work with them on any MARC records LexisNexis provides.

CRIV reminded LexisNexis of the upcoming Vendor Roundtable at the Annual Meeting in Chicago. The event will be on Sunday, July 17th at 5:15 PM in the Hyatt Regency Acapulco Room.

LexisNexis informed CRIV that its move to agile development is resulting in more frequent updates and releases for LexisAdvance. LexisNexis encourages libraries to take a look at the visualization tool Legislative Outlook. LexisNexis also encourages libraries to keep an eye out for Search Term Maps, which will be rolling out broadly later in the summer.

CRIV will hold another call with LexisNexis in the Fall of 2016.

SSRN Joins Mendeley and Elsevier

SSRN has announced that it is joining Mendeley and Elsevier.

Here’s the announcement on SSRN.

Here’s Elsevier’s blog post about it.

Both statements promise that SSRN users should face little disruption on the cost front. They also promise the entanglement will lead to new features (throwing Scopus out as an example of what might occur).

The CRIV Sheet, v. 38, no. 3 is now available!

This issue is full of interesting articles. We learn about the lawsuit between Casemaker and Fastcase. We also answer any questions you might have about the recent product name change for Thomson Reuters Westlaw. We provide an overview of TS-SIS Vendor Supplied Records Advisory Working Group (VRAG)—this group has been working with legal information providers to provide outreach and support to vendors who supply MARC records for their products. We also provide a list of recommended progras for the AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in July. Finally, we have the most recent reports from the vendor liaison calls.


The issue is available here:

Thomson Reuters Announcement of Case Errors on Westlaw and in Reporters

Thomson Reuters sent out the following announcement regarding errors in cases they’ve published on Westlaw and in their case reporters. The announcement includes links to further details.

To our customers:

As part of our commitment to transparency, I wanted to alert you to some errors related to publishing cases in Westlaw® and our print volumes that we have now corrected.

In March, Thomson Reuters became aware that small portions of text were missing in a number of new cases posted to Westlaw due to the introduction of an upgrade to our PDF conversion process in November 2014. We immediately conducted an investigation, which revealed that approximately one-half of one percent (0.5%) of total decisions added to our collection during this period were affected by these issues. We have now corrected those cases on Westlaw and we will be shipping replacement print volumes to all affected customers as soon as possible. We will work closely with those customers to minimize any disruption.

Our analysis of the cases found that none of these issues resulted in any change to the meaning of the law. To provide clarity, we are posting examples of the issues, as well as a listing of all corrected cases, here. We will post all affected cases with corrections highlighted within the text.

Additional details and answers to common questions can be found here. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative or Thomson Reuters Customer Service at 1-800-249-9378.

We are very aware of our crucial role in supporting the U.S. legal system, and there is nothing more important to us than delivering the best possible solutions and customer service to you. Please accept our apologies for our errors. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


Andy Martens
Global Head of Product & Editorial

GPO Superintendent of Documents News

This week, there were two major announcements from the U.S. Government Publishing Office Director Davita Vance-Cooks. In the first, Vance-Cooks announced Mary Alice Baish’s retirement after five years as the GPO Superintendent of Documents. Congratulations Mary Alice! After May 1st, longtime GPO staffer Laurie Hall will step into the position of Acting Superintendent of Documents.


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