• Getting to Know CRIV

    Over the next few weeks, the CRIV Blog will focus on … CRIV! We’ll be highlighting our website and the vendor tools and information that have been created for the AALL community. This week’s post spotlights the AALL “Vendor Relations Policy.” Future posts will highlight “Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers,” “Policies & Procedures for… Continue reading

  • The Other Side of the Coin?

    Publishers Weekly has an interesting story about some big publishers and how 2017 treated them.  I admit I have never given much thought to how slow and/or flat sales might impact publishers.  Luckily someone can make me with just a blog post. Continue reading

  • Project COUNTER Survey

    Project COUNTER is soliciting feedback from libraries via a new survey: We aim to improve the usage statistics that consortia and libraries receive from publishers and vendors and would like to hear from them about their requirements and priorities. An online survey is available so that you can tell us your views. The survey will… Continue reading

  • COUNTER Articles

    The COUNTER Code of Practice for Articles (COUNTER Articles) is now published on the COUNTER website at: . This new Code of Practice responds to the growing demand for article-level metrics and has been developed as a result of the PIRUS (Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics) project. COUNTER Articles provides a COUNTER-compliant standard for the… Continue reading



  • AALL Program Preview: Understanding Vendor Statistics

    Over the next couple days, CRIV will be highlighting some of the vendor relations-themed offerings at AALL in Seattle…. A1: Making Sense of the Numbers: Understanding Vendor Statistics Time: 11:15am – 12:15pm Location: 4C1-2 Description: Online usage statistics can be deceptively straightforward. Before relying on them to make decisions, you must fully understand what the… Continue reading

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