New Ways to Search

Have you been wishing for some better ways to search on Well your prayers have been answered.  Check out their recent blog post about the new ways to search on

Wanna learn a little about

And one of the people who make it so great?  Check out the interview with Adrienne Keys, specialist in legislative information systems management within the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress.

You can find the interview HERE

Blog Roundup: June 1-June 30

Chuck Lowry from Fastcase offered some advice to Librarians and Exhibitors looking to get the most out the AALL Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall over at On Firmer Ground.

At Law Librarians Blog Mark Giangrande examined a study on Academic Publisher profits. The underlying paper is here.

At Dewey B. Strategic, Jean O’Grady took a deep dive into Lexis Advance Practice Pages. Jean also looked at some new analytics products from Lex Machina.

Blog Roundup: May 12 – May 19

Over at Law Librarians Blog, Mark Giangrande reported on his recent experiences searching case law on Google Scholar, coming away with a better impression than his earlier forays.

Jean O’Grady spent some time looking into the new Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions product, including an evaluation of how it fits into Bloomberg BNA’s overall business strategy.

Lisa Solomon took a (skeptical) look at the “Legal Professional Community” from Thomson Reuters. You can watch a video about this social network targeting small firms here.

Blog Roundup April 22-April 28

At 3 Geeks, Greg shared some excitement about Lex Machina, Ravel Law, and Casetext.

Jean O’Grady explored Ravel’s Judge Analytics.

At Slaw, Robert McKay pondered the importance of, and difficulty in, speculation about legal publishing.

Jason Wilson has begun what looks like a deep dive into legal practice management and other tools at the recent ABA Tech Show: Part 1 and Part 2.

Blog Roundup: 16 April 2012 – 22 April 2012

At, Mark Lewis noted the Canadian government’s Publishing Program’s decision to go all-digital within two years.  

In the latest episode of Law Librarian Conversations, Richard Leiter et al. speak with Lou Andreozzi (Chairman of Bloomberg Law) about the BNA acquisitions and integration.  

At Law Librarian blog, Joe Hodnicki finds another hiccup in the Bloomberg Law/BNA content merger.

Blog Roundup: 9 April 2012 – 15 April 2012

At Law Librarian Blog, Mark Giagrande wondered why Google can’t go toe-to-toe with HeinOnline in providing coverage of Congressional Documents. Joe Hodnicki looked at a recent e-book study and reminded everyone of an upcoming AALL Annual Meeting program on e-books in law firms.

An anonymous guest post at 3 Geeks offered a more jaundiced opinion of Bloomberg Law’s pricing model and BNA acquisition (Hodnicki chimed in as well). Greg Lambert considered replacements for the late Lexis One.

Over at rethinc.k, Jason Wilson summed up the big lessons from ABA Tech Show 2012.

Connie Crosby did the same at slaw.