• Bloomberg Law CRIV Liaison Meeting

    June 15, 2022 Attendees:             Michelle Hook Dewey, CRIV, Board Liaison (Mercer University Law Library)             Tom Hemstock, CRIV, Vendor Liaison (Albany Law School, Schaffer Law Library)             Mike Bernier, Bloomberg Law             Kristyn Hyland, Bloomberg Law             Vani Ungapen, ALL Executive Director Prior Business             None Current CRIV Member Issues with Bloomberg Law            … Continue reading

  • CRIV/Lexis May 2016 Call

    On May 19, 2016 CRIV had its second semi-annual call with LexisNexis. There were no outstanding Requests for Assistance involving LexisNexis products from the membership to discuss. CRIV inquired about non-disclosure language in LexisNexis licenses so broad that it would prevent libraries from discussing any aspect of the license agreement with CRIV or AALL. CRIV… Continue reading


  • CRIV/WoltersKluwer Semiannual Call

    On December 14th, 2015 CRIV had its first semiannual call with Wolters Kluwer. There were no outstanding Requests for Advocacy involving WK products from the membership to discuss. We discussed an ongoing project regarding MARC records. WK is creating MARC records for Intelliconnect and Cheetah. VRAG is working closely with WK to develop what the… Continue reading

  • CRIV/Thomson Reuters Semiannual Call

    The first semi-annual call between CRIV and Thomson Reuters was held on December 15, 2015. In attendance were Lori Hedstrom (Thomson Reuters); Jeff McCoy (Thomson Reuters); Kate Hagan (AALL); and Gilda Chiu (CRIV Vendor Liaison). The conversation started with discussion about any new products or other issues of interest Thomson Reuters wanted AALL members to… Continue reading

  • CRIV/Bloomberg BNA Semiannual Call

    The semi-annual phone call with Bloomberg BNA took place on November 23, 2015. As this was my first call as CRIV Liaison to Bloomberg BNA (BBNA), I wanted a status report on several topics mentioned in Margie Maes’ Vendor Liaison reports: Vendor supplied records, usage statistics, and the 2014 re-organization. In response to my question… Continue reading


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