CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Law360 Articles in which Attorneys Have Been Quoted

CRIV received a Request For Assistance regarding Law360 articles in which a firm’s attorney had been quoted in the text. The requesting librarian wanted a complimentary courtesy copy of the article to be provided to the firm in this situation.

CRIV spoke to Cindy Spohr, Senior Librarian Relations Marketing Manager for the LexisNexis Librarian Relations Group about this (Law360 was purchased by Lexis and is available as both an independent product and on Lexis platforms). Her response is below:

Law360 traditionally offers two different options for law firms, corporations, and/or other organizations interested in obtaining copies of articles where their attorneys have been quoted:

  • For Law360-original content in which an attorney or key practitioner has been quoted, the Law360-branded version can be purchased (similarly for wide distribution and marketing, subject to pre-agreed upon terms & conditions) at current rates for original Law360 content.
  • For our third-party-authored “Expert Analysis” content, interested parties may purchase a Law360-branded version of this for wide distribution and marketing (subject to pre-agreed upon terms & conditions) at specially discounted current rates for co-authored content.

If a firm / corporation / organization is interested in the content for internal firm use only, and does not need a publicly-distributable version, interested parties can contact Law360 directly at 646-783-7100 and talk to their account rep to get a copy of the article sent to them on an ad hoc basis simply for review (and not distribution) up to at most 5 times per year.

Librarians looking to get a free copy of a Law360 article in these situations should review the final paragraph of Ms. Spohr’s statement.

Thank you to Cindy Spohr for clarifying the policy.

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CCH Replacement Pages & Reports

Responding to an inquiry from an AALL member about the demise of the CCH Replacement Pages & Reports tool, Linda Lev-Dunton, Manager, Librarian Relations, Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, explained the decision to remove the service in the following e-mail:

The CCH Replacement Pages & Reports tool has been retired as it was not sustainable. The tool was designed for a specific print on demand printer in the Peterson office that ceased to operate and was not viable to fix. We recently moved production and fulfillment to an outside vendor, but determined it was a faster turnaround for customers if they contacted Customer Service (CS) directly with their request for the replacements. CS is able to place the replacement pages order directly with the vendor and turn it around in just a few days.

The long term goal is to replace the tool, but this will not be in the immediate future. We are currently gathering requirements to upgrade MyAccount and our other customer self service capabilities, and this item is on our requirement list.

Customers can contact us via phone, email ticket or chat to request a replacement. CS will also go the extra distance to look for root cause as to why the customer may have not received the original and see if we can correct the issue from happening again.

Thanks to Linda Lev-Dunton for her response.

CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Changes to Thomson Reuters web store

CRIV was approached by a member librarian of AALL who had concerns about changes made to the Thomson Reuters web store. CRIV spoke to Lori Hedstrom, National Manger of Librarian Relations for Thomson Reuters about this. Her response is below:

The site has undergone a redesign which was completed in two phases – both of which altered the materials mentioned.

During the first phase, the shipping schedule information, which is part of product details page, was removed. Through [the AALL member]’s feedback, as well as other customers’, we have restored that functionality.

During the second phase of the redesign, the “highlights and filing instructions” link was moved – an effort to improve the user experience by making the link available with the publication itself, eliminating the need to navigate through another tab.

These changes were made as part of an effort to improve the site and its functionality. We know our customers are being tasked to do more with less and our goal through this redesign was to ultimately make your interaction more seamless. I apologize for the inconvenience it caused.

I appreciate you reaching out to us. Please let me know if you have any further questions that I may be able to answer.

Thank you to Lori Hedstrom for her help with this issue.

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CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Duplicate material in the Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service and Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series.

CRIV received a request from a County Law Library asking about the duplication of material in Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service and Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series.  CRIV contacted Anne Ellis and received the following information:

Thank you for contacting Thomson Reuters regarding the Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service and Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series Local Code Variations pamphlets.  UCC Local Code Variations provides attorneys with an efficient, effective way to research UCC section and subsection provisions as used in every state jurisdiction as differences in terms and language can be critical as well as  subtle.  Because of the critical importance of local differences and provisions, this material is provided to subscribers of both Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service and Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series.

UCC Reporting Service is a full service title where the annual subscription charge covers numerous updates and reporters.   Individual shipments are not priced separately to the customer and components are not available separately.

 UCC Reporting Service publishes state code variations in two ways.   Twice a year two pamphlet volumes are issued with the latest state code updates.  This material is organized by state, with all variations from the UCC organized under each state heading.  However attorneys access this information in different ways and so a separate pamphlet is issued each year called Local Code Variations which is organized by UCC section with all state variations listed under each Code section or subsection.

Because this information duplicates the state variations material but has a different organizational structure, the replacement charge for lost or damaged pamphlets is a minimal charge of $99.  The Local Code Variations pamphlet is not available as a separate subscription.

Updates to Hawkland’s UCC Series are invoiced  individually. The Local Code Variations pamphlet, provided as an integral part of the set, is priced individually.

Anne was also able to provide information to a follow up question “Is Thomson saying that the information is duplicated but the organization of information is different?”

The organization of the Local Code Variations pamphlets is the same for both Hawkland and UCC Reporting Service.  The State Variations pamphlets for UCC Reporting Service contain the same basic information as the Local Code Variations pamphlets but are organized by state rather than Code section.

Thank you to Anne for her assistance in this matter.

If you have a similar issue or any issue that CRIV can assist with, please use our Request for Assistance form available at

Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair