• Copyright Resources

    Libraries are often impacted by issues of copyright. Copyright can be complicated and requires some research to determine outcomes of using resources that may be under copyright. However, there are freely available resources available that will help anyone to learn more about Copyright. The United States Copyright Office provides a wealth of information to learn… Continue reading


  • How Does Malawi’s New Copyright Law Measure Up (EIFL Review)?

    “EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) is a not-for-profit organization that works with libraries to enable access to knowledge in developing and transition economy countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.” “EIFL’s assessment of Malawi’s new copyright law finds that while a good range of library activities are permitted, there are missed opportunities. An… Continue reading



  • Copyright Resource

    Copyright issues can often come up between vendors and libraries.  Often this can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about copyright.  Here is a blog post about a handbook that can help librarians navigate some of the aspects of copyright that we regularly encounter.   The Copyright Librarian  Continue reading


  • Information has value

    ACRL recently released its Final Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. It reminds us that users, whether college students or not, start with the perception that information is “free” and lack understanding of how personal information is being commodified.The third frame – “Information has value” – addresses the complex values associated with information by… Continue reading

  • AALL Program Preview: Mass Digitization in the Law Library

    Over the next couple days, CRIV will be highlighting some of the vendor relations-themed offerings at AALL in Seattle… F5: Mass Digitization in the Law Library: Obstacles and Opportunities Time: 8:30am – 9:45am Location: 615-617 Description: Copyright law is one of the greatest obstacles to mass digitization; the Google Books and HathiTrust cases vividly illustrate… Continue reading


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