LexisNexis partners with Uptime Legal to provide cloud services

LexisNexis® announced an alliance with Uptime Legal Systems to provide Time Matters® and PCLaw® customers “with a hosted remote access option, allowing them to access their law firm matters, contacts, documents, invoices and other practice management functions, anytime, anywhere via a secure online connection.”  Read more about it in the press release.

Internet Archive to sync metadata with WorldCat

Internet Archive and OCLC have agreed to synchronize metadata describing their digital books with OCLC’s WorldCat.  “When synchronization work is complete, library patrons will be able to discover the Internet Archive’s collection of 2.5 million digitized monographs through the libraries around the world.”  Read more about it here.

Books from 1923 to 1941 Now Liberated!

Read on to learn how the Internet Archive has employed an obscure copyright law to release these titles: http://blog.archive.org/2017/10/10/books-from-1923-to-1941-now-liberated/

ProQuest Announces Partnership with Google Scholar to Make Dissertations Findable

“Google Scholar and ProQuest expand collaboration to improve research outcomes.” http://www.proquest.com/about/news/2017/ProQuest-Dissertations-Now-Discoverable-in-Google-Scholar.html

LexisNexis/CRIV Call – June 29, 2017

  1.  Introductions – Jim Gernert, CRIV Vice Chair and Vendor Liaison; Kate Hagan, AALL Executive Director; Carolyn Bach – LexisNexis Librarian Relations Manager; Maura Donovan – LexisNexis VP of Marketing, Law Schools/Large Law firms; Drew Jones – LexisNexis Segment manager, Law Schools and Large Law Firms.
  2. New Lexis Products of Interest :
    1. Ravel Law – This is LexisNexis’ most recent acquisition. It is primarily a legal analytics tool, and strengthens LN’s position in this area. LexisNexis is focused on tools to help with analysis of information. Ravel Law allows the user to uncover insights in to how a case could be decided. It adds judicial analytics to litigation analytics. It provides information on a judge’s track record, and allows litigators to make judgment calls on how to proceed with their cases. Ravel’s judge analytics will be made available within Lexis’ Litigation Profile Suite suite as an add-on. Ravel also provides a caselaw visualization tool that will be incorporated in to Lexis Advance. Lexis intends to honor the commitment to make the caselaw from Harvard available for free, although the exact nature of the access hasn’t been decided as yet.
    2. Lexis Answers – This is the first visible harnessing of machine learning on the Lexis Advance platform, and is available now. Essentially, if the user starts typing in the search box, sample queries will appear. Many of the more common questions will result in an answer card, which will have a brief reply to the query from a source within the database.
    3. Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial – this three-volume title by James Wagstaffe was just added to Lexis Advance. It is the first Lexis product to include embedded videos, and it also includes a current awareness component.
    4. Lex Machina – provides firm analytics as well as judicial analytics in select practice areas. Commercial Bankruptcy and Employment Law are two recent practice areas now supported by Lex Machina.
    5. Shepards’ – The Shepards’ Citation service has added a new feature called “Reason for Signal.” It takes the researcher quickly to the language a Shepard’s editor has determined has the most impact on the case treatment. At present the “Reason for Signal” service is available for cases post-2003, but the target is to make it available for all cases by end of year.
    6. Additional enhancements include an International Tab in Explore Content; enhanced table of contents display; and News research now features popular group source files, and new sources from 150+ countries. A language filter and negative news filter are coming in August.
    7. Users will be able to create custom pages in Lexis Advance by the end of the 3rd quarter of this year.
    8. Kate asked if SSRN representatives would be at the AALL Annual Meeting? After checking, we are unable to identify any SSRN representatives planning to attend the conference.
  3.  Vendor Advocacy Issues (none at this point)
  4. Questions – Sunset date for Lexis.com – All legal markets in the US will be retiring Lexis.com at the end of the year.  Lexis.com may continue to be available internationally.
  5. Lexis sponsored activities at AALL Annual Meeting in Austin.
    1. Law 360 event for their subscribers
    2. Reed Tech – event
    3. Ravel Law
    4. Photo booth – feed a digital mosaic

New Law Library of Congress Chatbot

The Law Library of Congress just released a new chatbot.  It walks you through a basic reference interview to help connect you to primary law sources, research guides, and foreign law reports.  Sounds fantastic!  Read more about it at We are Excited to Announce the Release of the Law Library of Congress Chatbot.

Wanna learn a little about Congress.gov

And one of the people who make it so great?  Check out the interview with Adrienne Keys, specialist in legislative information systems management within the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress.

You can find the interview HERE