D&B Buys Avention

According to a recent press release, Dun & Bradstreet has acquired Avention, the maker of One Source.  It appears that the Avention platform will be utilized going forward for all D&B content.

Internet Archive launches multimedia Trump Archive

With less than two weeks until the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump, The Internet Archive has preserved over 700 televised speeches, interviews, and broadcasts related to Trump and dating back to 2009. This curated archive emphasizes fact-checking statements and is fully searchable. True to their mandate, the archive is free and accessible to all. Read more at the Internet Archive blog, or jump straight into the Trump Archive!

Using Vendors to Identify Fake News

Whether you are compiling news articles for a partner at a law firm or assisting a judge or professor gain background knowledge on a current issue, identifying “fake news” is now a critical step in the research process. In a recent blog post, HeinOnline published an overview of resources and tools that are useful for fact-checking news stories.

Casetext releases enhancements to CARA

Casetext has just announced some new enhancements to its product CARA.  CARA allows you to securely upload any brief or memo, and then it searches the universe of federal and state law to find relevant cases you may have missed.

Here is what’s new:

  • Search within results to narrow down your CARA recommendations to those specific to your search terms
  • Jurisdiction filters make sure your results are all in the jurisdictions you care about
  • CARA is getting smarter, so you should expect to see even more relevant CARA result

Check out their website for more information.

Lexis.com to retire for law school customers

Don’t forget that lexis.com® will retire for law school customers on December 31, 2016. 100% of content on lexis.com is now accessible on Lexis Advance®. You’ll also find that Lexis Advance delivers similar features to lexis.com® plus additional functionality. A variety of resources are available to ensure a smooth transition to Lexis Advance.  Check the website or with your representative for details.

LexisNexis announces plans to retire lexis.com

LexisNexis announced plans to retire lexis.com over the next 12 months and upgrade U.S. legal professionals to Lexis Advance.  Read the press release here.



Academic Law Libraries: Lexis.com retiring 12/31/16!

Just a reminder for academic law libraries, Lexis.com will be retiring on 12/31/16. Non-academic customers will be upgraded and will transition within the next twelve months. Click here for further information.