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The new June issue of Information Today has an interesting article by Carol Ebbinghouse, Library Director at the CA 2nd District Court of Appeal Law Library. The most recent issue is not yet online. The article appears in the print copy at page 34. Ms. Ebbinghouse’s article “Coming Soon: Circulating Law Ebooks at a Library Near You” provides a nice preliminary discussion on LexisNexis’ new Digital Library through OverDrive. My law library has a Lexis subscription, but has not yet been approached by Lexis about this new option. The press release Lexis issued last month statesd that the service provides access to over 1100 legal titles. I haven’t seen a list, but my guess is that it won’t include treatises specific to my state (at least not yet). If I can get law library access to those titles via ebook, I’d be interested to see the pricing – compared to what we pay now to access those titles in print and via   



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