CRIV’s New “Request for Assistance” Form More Enabling Than Helpful?

“I believe CRIV should be spending more time educating librarians to do their own problem solving instead of dealing with individual issues. For example, the link on the CRIV page, Working with vendors could be a tutorial rather than a list of links.

…CRIV could sponsor webinars on negotiation, relationship building, how to be proactive instead of reactive, etc. Instead of vendor site visits, they could attend regional and local chapter meetings to present on these topics. They could use the CRIV Sheet and CRIV Blog to blog on the topics as well.

Nina Platt, in the June 21, PinHawk Blog ( argues that CRIV should be counseling, instructing, and training law librarians to improve their relations with information vendors rather than simply encouraging them to send their complaints to CRIV for resolution.  I apologize for just getting to this four months after the original post but I think Ms. Platt has made a number of excellent suggestions.


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