CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Follow up to Restatements Checklists from July 2012.

CRIV received a request from a Government Library asking if the checklists mentioned in July to help with managing the Restatements were now available.  CRIV contacted Anne Ellis and received the following information:

The Restatements Checklist is prepared once a year and distributed as a shipment insert that accompanies the traditional March shipment of annual pocket parts and supplements to full-set subscribers.  The Checklist is not sent to those who subscribe to a less-than-full-set topical unit or “slice.”  


The Checklist can be found on the Westlaw Store on the full-set Restatements and Principles of the Law site under the Filing and Shelving Instruction section.  

See and attached two part Checklist.

(Chair’s note, please contact me at if you would like to receive the attached checklist).

The checklist is designed to do two things:

  • The “narrative” side of the documentation sheet describes and differentiates the various annual components of the set (bound volumes, pocket parts/supplements, and Interim Case Citations pamphlets) and provides an historical overview of units that have most recently evolved as portions of the Restatement 2d have been fully superseded (and been taken out of print) in several cases by the completion of the Restatement 3d series on that subject matter.  We explicitly indicate in the first paragraph of this narrative that “Your Pocket Parts and Supplements for Use in  may now be discarded.”
  • The “grid” side of the sheet indicates all of the volumes in the full set and specifies which volumes receive a pocket part that year, a supplement, or nothing at all.  The first footnote addressing the  grid indicates that any volumes whose pocket part field is blackened should not have a pocket part. 
  • Regarding any the confusion that may arise when a new unit is completed and supersedes a previous series on that same subject matter, we advise the customer in the shipment insert accompanying the new unit, as well as in the narrative of the annual Checklist, the following information:
    • If these out-of-print volumes are part of an existing set, they should be retained, as they contain material of historical interest and numerous case citations represented in their accompanying appendix volumes. They depict still valid underlying authority for concepts newly articulated in later Restatement volumes.

Thank you to Anne Ellis for her help with this issue. 

If you have a similar issue or any issue that CRIV can assist with, please use our Request for Assistance form available at

Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair


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