CRIV Conference Call with LexisNexis on eBook Plans

I would like to thank Cindy Spohr and LexisNexis for taking the time to speak with CRIV regarding their eBook plans.  

CRIV submitted the majority of questions received by AALL members.  Some questions may not appear word for word in the list below, but CRIV tried to convey the essence of each question asked.  The excluded questions dealt with pricing details.  If you have follow up questions regarding your account, please contact your Lexis Representative. 

Below is the list of questions submitted to Lexis.  Lexis will make its own response to these questions, and CRIV will notify AALL members when that response is available.  In the meantime, Lexis has created a website that addresses some of the questions submitted by AALL Members available at  The eBooks FAQ is available at

Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair


EBook Availability and Content:

-Is it possible for an eBook to be downloaded to a library computer and be IP authenticated? If not, will different pricing be available so that a library does not have to participate in eBooks? 


-Is the content on the eBook duplicative of the print book or will there be any unique content? Will there be something that explains the content of each eBook?


-Will companion eBooks expire at the end of a subscription period, or will LexisNexis customers be able to retain use unless and until they renew a subscription at any time after the expiration?


-What hardware is needed to read the e-books? Computer, Nook, Kindle, IPad?


-Will patrons have to go to your website to download the book?  Will they have to again after an initial download?



-How do we check out an eBook?


-Does having the eBook limit circulation abilities?  The CD could circulate to multiple patrons indefinitely.  Some of the eBooks say the code is good for a limited time.


What cataloging pieces will be required to describe the e-book? Does it go on the record with the print book?


-Do we need to adopt the Overdrive program?


-What if the library OPAC is not compatible with Overdrive?


-Will eBooks remain in the Lexis Download center?


-Will there be a way to allow multiple users to access an eBook at a time?  What if the library subscribes to the title on


 -How will library customers authorize credential users of single-use licenses?


-Does the licensing agreement cause any problems with lending to other libraries?


-There has also been concern that eBooks will force libraries to circulate materials that they don’t usually circulate.



Are their plans to make searchable archiving available since these will no longer be available in print?


-Setting up an account and getting the log-in credentials is time consuming.


-Accessing the newsletter from the account requires additional in-house IT support (java plug-ins/disabling script).  Are these one-time changes or every time a newsletter is accessed?


-Is it possible for the email alerting customers the newsletter is available to go to multiple email addresses?  There is concern that the newsletter comes out when someone is on leave for an extended amount of time.


-Concern about passing cost on to the consumer since they will have to print the newsletters to circulate.


-For customers that signed the multi-year agreement for the newsletters, will they have the option of maintaining the same format they agreed to in the contract for the duration of the contract’s term?



-When will the helpful website be going up?  How will you inform customers when it is available?


-Will a list of publications that are changing from print/print with CD/CD only to eBook/digital/PDF only be made available?


-A few academic law librarians have said they have no problem with anything.


-The format changes are beneficial to individual customers, but not for libraries as a whole.


-Is eBook limited to searching one volume at a time?  Folio allows you to search across multiple treatises.


-Can an eBook be place on a library intra-net like SharePoint?


– If the eBook is downloaded via Overdrive, do the internal links still go to the Lexis database?


-Will LexisNexis clearly and conspicuously identify the last date (month and year) when it has updated any sections of an eBook companion as well as any changes that were made?


-Has LexisNexis completed beta testing to ensure the advertised features of the companion eBooks work as advertised?


 -What training, if any, does LexisNexis anticipate customers will need to use the companion eBook? Will LexisNexis provide training?


-What are the terms of single-use and multiple-use licenses, and why were these not submitted to customers in writing at the time Lexis announced the migration?


– In the terms of the annual contracts does LexisNexis has reserved the right to change “companion” formats unilaterally?


 -What kinds of confidentiality restrictions, if any, will Lexis add to customer licensing of companion eBooks?


 -Will LexisNexis track credentialed use of companion eBooks when evaluating pricing for subscription renewals?


 -Why did LexisNexis decide not to seek customer consent in advance, as recommended under Principle 3.1 of the AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices?


 -Did LexisNexis anticipate the migration by the time subscribing customers were renewing their subscriptions to the affected titles in 2012? If it did, why did it not notify these customers of the pending change at the time of renewal, as recommended under the “format-change-notice” provision of Principle 2.2(e) of the AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices?


-Will LexisNexis notify subscribers of an option to cancel affected, “standing order” subscriptions, and claim any applicable, pro-rated reimbursement, if the subscribers find that they do not want or cannot use the eBook supplements? 


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