AALL Program Preview: Rethinking the Way We Teach Cost-Effective Legal Research

Over the next couple days, CRIV will be highlighting some of the vendor relations-themed offerings at AALL in Seattle…

A7: It’s All About the Money: Rethinking the Way We Teach Cost-Effective Legal Research
Time: 11:15am – 12:15pm
Location: 606-607

This session is designed to help legal research instructors teach cost-effective research in a more informed way, so as to prepare law students for the complexities of the real-world practice of law. Often, cost-effective research instruction is based solely on the retail pricing provided by vendors. However, law firms must consider more than the retail cost of research – ultimately, they must determine how much, if any, of the total research cost is recoverable. Most academic law librarians are not well-versed in the process of cost recovery and what role cost-effective research plays in the process. A moderated panel of three law firm librarians will describe the law firm library’s role in cost recovery, discuss the challenges of teaching new associates how to conduct research so the costs are recoverable, and offer approaches as to how academic law librarians can incorporate the idea of cost recovery into cost-effective research instruction.

Takeaway 1: Participants will identify the law firm library’s role in the complex cost-recovery process.

Takeaway 2: Participants will recognize the role cost-effective research plays in increasing cost recovery.

Takeaway 3: Participants will be able to design training on cost-effective research that better prepares students for the practice of law.

Who should attend: Librarians who teach legal research; academic law librarians who are interested in the realities of law firm practice; law firm librarians who want to see how other firms approach recovering research costs

This independently produced SIS program is sponsored by the ALL-SIS.

Track(s): Teaching, Reference, Research and Client Services


Kathleen Darvil, Access Services and Reference Librarian, Brooklyn Law School Library
Sara Kasai Gras, Reference Librarian, Brooklyn Law School Library
Caren Biberman, Director of Library Services, Cahill Gordon & Reindel
Cheryl Lynn Niemeier, Director of Library Services, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
Mark A. Gediman, Director of Information Services, Best Best & Krieger LLP
Connie Smith, Director of Library, Research & Competitive Intelligence Services, Morgan Lewis



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