Rebooting Legal Research in a Digital Age

Interesting article on LLRX –  By Steven A. Lastres It discusses the findings of a survey of how digital natives tackle legal research.

From Steven’s article on LLRX:

Key findings from the survey:

  • Newer attorneys spend more than 30% of their time doing legal research
  • Approximately 50% of associates think legal research should be a larger part of the law school curriculum
  • Over 80% of associates use an extensive range of content from traditional primary law and secondary materials to News, Court Transcripts, Verdicts, Dockets, Public Records and more.
  • Legal Classification systems are rarely used (only 12% begin with a legal classification system)
  • Attorneys use free online research resources but spend most of their time, over 8 hours per week using paid-for online research services.

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