Request for Assistance – Lexis Nexis shipping and handling costs

CRIV received a request from a librarian asking how Lexis Nexis calculated its shipping and handling costs for print materials. CRIV would like to thank Cindy Spohr for addressing this issue and her response is below. Due to the response, CRIV is following back up on the issue to see if a more concrete explanation is available.

Several years ago, LexisNexis relied on US Media Mail to deliver books. As you know, this was more cost efficient for customers, however, it also caused many customer questions and complaints due to lack of tracking capabilities. As a result, we switched to UPS as a primary delivery vehicle. Our customers have been much happier with this solution and spend less time tracking lost or delayed packages. While we have considered offering media mail again (like other publishers do offer), we decided against it due to the negative customer experience.  Over the last three years, our S&H rate increases have been in line with UPS rate increases. 

We now offer several choices for users who do not wish to pay the S&H, including eBooks and the LexisNexis® Digital Library.  In addition, we are exploring new shipping options for our customers and will be announcing these programs to the market in the 2nd quarter.

If you need CRIV’s assistance, please email Cynthia Myers at

Cynthia Myers, CRIV Chair



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