Kaye Scholer Library: The New Model for Going Digital?

Check out the latest LLANGY webinar entitled Kaye Scholer Library: The New Model for Going Digital.  It’s especially timely and topical in light of the recent New York Times article So Little Paper to Chase in a Law Firm’s New Library, which you can read here. The article takes a close look at Kay Scholer’s recent move to 250 West 55th Street. They downsized about 95% of their law books.



Kaye Scholer Library: The New Model for Going Digital?

Join us for a webinar on Dec 17, 2014, at 1:00 PM EST.

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As the library moves from being a physical space to becoming a service, learn how Kaye Scholer’s library transformed from a physical space to an all-digital library supporting lawyers in NY from their offsite location in Florida. Attendees will learn: 1. to develop a model to move from print to digital media collection 2. challenges of providing a virtual library service 3. about some of the success stories as a result of the transformation Speaker: Shabeer Khan, Director of Information Services at Kaye Scholer LLP

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  1. Holly Riccio says:

    AALL submitted a Letter to the Editor in response to this article. Although the letter did not get published (the New York Times receives 1,000+ letters daily and can only print a select few), the letter was shared with AALL members and is available on AALLNET (see http://www.aallnet.org/hc/NewsCallout/Riccio-Responds-to-NYT-Article.html).


  1. […] That was followed by the LLAGNY program, Kaye Scholer Library: The New Model for Going Digital. […]

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