CRIV/Wolters Kluwer December 2016 Call

On December 8th, 2016 CRIV had its semiannual call with Wolters Kluwer.

3pm Central

Participants: C.J. Pipins, Kate Hagan, Cindy Burrows, Chris Pamboukes, and Scott Murray


  1. Introductions were made. Chris Pamboukes will be serving as Wolters Kluwer’s liaison to CRIV from this point forward.


  1. CRIV had no outstanding Requests for Advocacy involving WK products from the membership to discuss.


  • We discussed an ongoing project regarding MARC records. WK is creating MARC records for Intelliconnect and Cheetah. WK has also developed a MARC Records Manager to help download and maintain the MARC records.  This Records Manager will allow users to search and find MARC records, and will provide alerts when MARC records have been updated.  More information on MARC Records Manager will be coming during the first Quarter of 2017.


  1. Upcoming changes and developments regarding Wolters Kluwer products or policies
    1. Cheetah content migration from Intelliconnect is to be completed by the end of 2016, and new content sets are set to be added in 2017 such as Telecom, Blue Chip, and Tax Archives. New enhancements to the Cheetah user interface will continue.  Scott noted that, if you haven’t seen Cheeah lately, you should take another look because it has evolved over the past three years.  One example is the way in which Cheetah manages search results. That is shifted to a new configuration in which the search result document opens in a new overlay.
    2. WK is making it easier to search their content within a subscriber’s portal with a widget. Their new widget builder is included in the subscription and has a number of customizable features.  This keeps portals current with a search box that will search only the WK content to which the customer is subscribed.
    3. Speaking of Portals, WK is working on partnering with various enterprise search platforms to allow WK content to be discoverable from a search within whatever enterprise search utilized in a firm’s portal.
    4. WK Browser Search is a plugin that allows a user to search google and WK content at the same time. It instantly integrates your browser search queries with subscribed content from Wolters Kluwer.  This plugin is free to current Cheetah subscribers.
    5. SmartTask is an exciting practice resource that offers step-by-step guidance on a variety of practical legal tasks. Wolters Kluwer treatises, as well as primary materials and practice notes are integrated throughout.  This product is organized with the transactional lawyer’s workflow in mind, but is still customizable to fit the needs of your particular office.
  2. AALL Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to WK
    1. WK continues to be interested in participating in the CRIV roundtable. Once a topic is selected Kate will let them know.
    2. Megan Mall is the new Director of Content Strategy at AALL, and she should be added to the list of people receiving press releases from WK.


CRIV will hold another call with WK in Spring of 2017.


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