ALM Communication re: Am Law 100

This message is being posted on behalf of ALM’s Beckie Hubertus:

Thank you for raising the issue that our communication process regarding updates to our most recent Am Law 100 and 200 reports failed to notify subscribers immediately of errors that occurred in those reports.   I apologize for any frustration and confusion caused by this incident.

On May 4th we issued an update to the Am Law 100 report that was posted on our data base.  Unfortunately another error was discovered in the VPL numbers that were reported for 4 firms on the Am Law 200 report that was published on our ALM Intelligence database and Legal Compass.  A revision was made to the Am Law 200 report to correct this error as well.

The data printed in The American Lawyer magazine was not impacted by any of these issues.

At this time all subscribers and purchasers have been notified of this issue and the reports that are available on our database and website are up to date.

Again I apologize for any concern and confusion this has caused and appreciate the issue being brought to light in order for us to address the issue and correct our communication process.


Beckie Hubertus
Director of Research



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