Thomson Reuters/CRIV Vendor Liaison Call Notes from 6/28/2017


Introductions – Gilda Chiu, CRIV Vendor Liaison, Columbia Law School; Kate Hagan, AALL Executive Director; Lori Hedstrom, National Manager, Thomson Reuters Librarian Relations; Jeff McCoy, Senior Communications Partner, Thomson Reuters

Issues and Concerns

  • Follow-up on accurate Westlaw records in Ex Libris Community Zone – this matter is still pending resolution since it was brought up on our last call in January 26th. Please provide the latest updates on what is being done to resolve this issue.

Response from Lori Hedstrom: “We are working with Ex Libris’ Public Relations contact to resolve issues identified by librarians regarding errors with Westlaw URLs in their catalogs.  We believe this occurred when the Westlaw Classic databases were re-architected for the WestlawNext platform.  I have reconnected with the product developers with whom I worked on the migration so am hopeful to finally have a correct understanding soon.”

  • Continued discussion about change to the LMA invoices – Membership has not been satisfied with responses received from Thomson Reuters thus far on the issue. Many have complained about reps and account managers not being able to help them (with some managers not knowing of the change), about the shipment report not being a sufficient alternative to what was previously on the invoice, about unfairness to LMA libraries who are receiving this new invoice format while other non-LMA libraries are not, amongst other things.

Response from Lori Hedstrom:  “Many of our customers requested streamlined invoices.  However, we have also received feedback that our recent change to the invoices removing the information for print shipments was not helpful.   We are now able to offer customers the ability to receive invoices with or without the detail about print shipments.  The technical work is complete and we are educating our account managers and Librarian Relations Managers about the new process.  If you would like to have any of your past invoices resent with the original detailed format, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-328-4880.  To help advance understanding of the Print Shipment Report and enhancements, we offer detailed instructions, a list of title descriptions, and a link to a recorded walk-through that explains how to create monthly Print Shipment Reports in My Account and additional helpful tips.  Play recording (22 min)”

Notes from Thomson Reuters on Recent or Forthcoming Changes/Developments of Interest to Librarians Regarding Thomson Reuters Products/Policies


Westlaw Secondary Sources Redesign Adds New Features, Enhancements
We completely redesigned the Westlaw Secondary Sources experience this Spring, dramatically improving the organization and functionality of its analytical resources to better meet the needs of today’s legal professionals.  Ongoing librarian feedback enables us to continue to refine Westlaw.

Westlaw customers played a central role in shaping the latest enhancements, which focus on intuitive design and usability to help researchers start stronger and finish faster. Now users can more efficiently interact with thousands of analytical resources on Westlaw via new publication filter and sort options, fully browsable tables of contents, a seamless reading view and pinpoint linking capabilities.

Optimized features include:

  • Secondary Sources library: A redesigned library experience delivers streamlined navigation including new publication filters, more targeted pre-search criteria and convenient access to favorite publications.
  • Table of contents: An interactive and fully browsable table of contents on a publication’s main page and, where available, at the document display as well, providing essential context and easing navigation.
  • Reading mode: Seamlessly scroll through multiple documents within a single display using this elected online mode.
  • Scope screen: Scope screens provide a succinct overview of a publication to immediately assess its relevance and are now accessible directly from the Secondary Sources library page. Additional display enhancements and functionality within the scope screens, such as links to related publications, are currently available for numerous sources and will be implemented on a rolling basis for the remaining publications.
  • Rutter publications pinpoint linking: Bypass lengthy scrolling and navigate directly to the targeted portion of the referenced citation.

The analytical content library on Westlaw is second only to cases for Westlaw usage and is accessed by more than 93 percent of users. Westlaw Secondary Sources contains more than 4,000 publications, including Corpus Juris Secundum, American Jurisprudence 2D, American Law Reports Annotations, and Black’s Law Dictionary.

The global redesign of Westlaw Secondary Sources is launching in the United States first, and will launch later this year in the UK (Westlaw UK) and Canada (WestlawNext Canada).


Thomson Reuters ProView Partners with Handshake Software to Provide an Integrated eBook Solution for Law Firms Worldwide

Thomson Reuters has entered into a strategic relationship with Handshake Software, the leading provider of SharePoint®-based products and services to the legal sector, to provide seamless access to authoritative digital titles on Thomson Reuters ProView™ and embed eBook content solutions within the legal workflow.

Attorneys and law librarians will now have integrated access to their ProView Library through the Handshake Portal, allowing them to easily find relevant ProView titles and content. Through Handshake Portal, users can have the capability to find ProView content, as well as firm work product provided through West KM, which also integrates with Handshake, providing comprehensive views across a firm’s information resources.

Thomson Reuters ProView and Lucidea Integrate eBook Collections within Library Management Solutions for Organizations Worldwide

Thomson Reuters has entered into a strategic relationship with Lucidea, the leading global provider of library and knowledge management software, to provide integrated access for organizations worldwide to the collection of authoritative digital titles on ProView through Lucidea’s market-leading library management solutions.

The new relationship will combine Lucidea’s SydneyEnterprise and Inmagic GeniePlus LMS with ProView, allowing instant access to ProView and its features that are specifically designed for professional use, such as navigation, annotation and sharing capabilities within digital libraries and titles. The integration allows users to search for ProView content without leaving their library catalog.


New Versions of Case Notebook Suite and LiveNote Stream: Enhancing Litigation Productivity

Case Notebook 4.5 adds new features, including batch importing of descriptions, dates and other key facts with automatic links to source information. Case Notebook 4.5 also adds compatibility with Windows Server 2016® and SQL Server 2016®.

Case Timeline 3.0 offers improved integration with Case Notebook. Source links for key facts, such as full-text documents, transcripts, pleadings and research can be exported from Case Notebook.

LiveNote Stream adds compatibility with tablet devices and a newly redesigned website for viewing streaming sessions, providing greater flexibility and ease in accessing audio, video and text of a deposition securely and in real-time anywhere an Internet connection is available.


Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Most Accurate, Most Advanced Citator

Our Librarian Relations Managers and Client Management Teams remind legal researchers of the many features of KeyCite and of our continuing investment in Thomson Reuters Westlaw.  At this year’s AALL Annual Meeting, we will be conducting KeyCite demos in our booth every hour on the hour, with a special gift for each attendee.  LRMs will offer advanced-level webinars, city-wide events, and in-firm presentations throughout the year – take advantage of very detailed learning opportunities for librarians and all the researchers in your organization.


Thomson Reuters is pleased to once again host our Customer Appreciation Party in Austin, at Speakeasy!  Your conference badge is your ticket in, and you are welcome to bring a guest if you wish.  We will have food and beverages, music and dancing for our librarian colleagues, and two separate quiet spaces for those who prefer that experience.



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