CRIV/ Wolters Kluwer Semi-Annual Vendor Liaison Call

Wednesday May 30th and July 6th 2018
Participants: C.J. Pipins, Jenna Ellis, Jim Gernert, and Chris Pamboukes
I. Welcome

II. Preservation Survey – As a team they saw and answered the questions.

III. Outstanding Requests for Advocacy

a. Treatises – New Editions of looseleaf treatises are arriving without binders. Chris spoke to their technical training manager. You should get complimentary new binders with the new edition. Just call the customer care division of WK at1-866-529-6600. You could also email Feel free to copy Chris ( on the message if you would like. This might be part of the migration from print to online formats. The new binder will be generic and shouldn’t indicate a specific edition at all.

b. Cheetah problems – Users are experiencing problems with different browsers. Chrome is the best browser to use. Internet Explorer 8 or earlier will present some issues. Users should clear the cache and history, and use chrome. If users continue to experience problems with browsers they are encouraged to contact customer care and/or CRIV with a description of the issue. What exactly is happening on the screen? Which browser is causing the problem? These are all important details that can help us identify a solution to the problem.

c. Billing Issues –

i. Last year WK transitioned to a single billing system for all its subsidiaries. There have been growing pains, and some difficulties. They think most of these have been ironed out. If there are any remaining problems everyone should feel free to contact their account manager, Chris, and CRIV to get them sorted out.

ii. Chris is going to further investigate the docusign issues. Docusign serves as a failsafe to make sure that the customer knows exactly what they are ordering. However, docusign requires the purchaser to agree to terms and conditions which is time consuming and burdensome for customers who must wait for procurement or similar departments to consent to the terms and conditions.

IV. AALL Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to WK

a. CRIV Roundtable – CJ will make sure WK has all the details.

V. WK Programs, Activities, or Business of Interest to CRIV and/or AALL

a. Cheetah Migration will be completed by end of this year. Intelliconnect will be officially sunsetted.

b. Cheetah Enhancements

i. A to Z list of titles is permanently on the blue navigation bar.

ii. You can now personalize each dashboard.

c. Webinars

i. The Wolters Kluwer webinar series, What Are The Experts Saying (WATES) has been expanded. So far it has spotlighted the editorial staff at WK. The next phase includes working with attorney customers as well. This way the programs are shining a spotlight on all the experts. Some programs will offer CLE credits. These are all free to customers/cheetah users. You can find a list of our Webinars on our Events Page:

d. White Papers – WK has a great library of white papers available. Usually (but not always) these are published along with the webinars.

i. Tax Cuts and Job Act: Impact to Individuals, Businesses, Energy, Exempt Organizations, IRS Administration, and International

ii. Tax Cuts and Job Act: Impact to Benefits, Payroll, Executive Compensation, and Retirement Professionals

iii. An Attorney’s-Eye View of Significant Executive and Congressional Actions in 15 Practice Areas

iv. Tax Reform Proposal Signals White House Broad Tax Policy for 2017

v. Practical Insight: Legal Project Management 101

vi. Hot Topics in IP: Litigation under the DTSA and Recent Supreme Court Decisions

vii. After Equifax, A Renewed Focus on State and Federal Cybersecurity Disclosure

viii. U.S. v Martoma Eliminates Proof of Financial or Other Personal Benefits to Tipper for Conviction

ix. Sexual Harassment Roundtable: Webinar Q&A

x. L&E Evolution: Redefining Employment Relationships

xi. Jackson Lewis: Class Action Trends Report—Minimum Wage Traps

xii. Recent Developments in Government Contracts Law

xiii. The Green-Eyed Monster at Work: When Does Jealousy Become Unlawful Discrimination?

xiv. Allina II Decision: Too Soon to Declare a Win for Providers?

xv. Redefining “Healthy” in Food Labeling: Key Themes Emerge

xvi. When can the OCC Charter a FinTech as a National Bank?

xvii. Hot Topics in SEC Filings 2017: Regulatory Roll-backs, FinTech, Cyber, and Blue Sky Offerings

e. MACA and FDKC use of Artificial Intelligence

i. MACA:



ii. FDKC:



f. RBSource w/ RegReview






g. IPO Vital Signs



h. State Tax Plus




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