Have you seen the new Westlaw?

About two weeks ago, Thomson Reuters released a new version of Westlaw. It’s called Westlaw Precision, and they say the focus is on precision in search. They invested a lot in adding metadata to their source documents (e.g., judicial opinions) to increase that search precision. Other noteworthy additions are new KeyCite features, like Cited With (i.e., citing proximity), which notes cases that are frequently cited together, even if those cases don’t cite each other, and Overruled in Part, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you have ever taught law students about citators, this latter KeyCite feature should sound pretty exciting to you. It could solve a lot of problems in the new attorney’s understanding of what a red flag really means.

So this new launch is exciting, and if you haven’t already seen a demo, it is almost certainly coming your way. Since so many other blogs and legal news sources have already reported on or reviewed this new product, I doubt I could add much that hasn’t already been said. Given that CRIV is not in the business of promoting the products of legal information vendors, it is probably important to let other people say it anyway. Therefore, if you are looking for reports or reviews of this new product, below is a roundup of blog posts about Westlaw Precision that came out on release day.

LawSites – “Thomson Reuters Unveils Next Generation of Westlaw, Aiming to Make Legal Research Results More Precise”

Dewey B Strategic – “Westlaw Precision Launches With Promise to Cut Lawyer Research Time in Half”

Attorney at Work – “Westlaw Precision: Next-Generation Legal Research With a Human Touch”

Legal Insider – “Thomson Reuters unveils Westlaw Precision, with potential to ‘halve’ research time”

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