Wolters-Kluwer Semi Annual Meeting

The semi-annual meeting with Wolters-Kluwer was held at the end of May. Present were Vani Ungapen, of the AALL Executive Director’s office, Jenna Ellis from Wolters-Kluwer, Michelle Hook Dewey, the AALL-CRIV Board Liaison, Jeff Brandimarte of Wolters-Kluwer, and Jane Bahnson from CRIV.

Jenna introduced Jeff Brandimarte, who joined Wolters Kluwer a little over a year ago after a long history with another legal publisher. Jeff will be taking over for Jenna as the Wolters Kluwer liaison to CRIV.


Vani reported a good turnout is anticipated for the AALL conference with over 11oo conference registrations, not including exhibitors. There are also over 60 exhibitors scheduled to participate.

Wolters Kluwer (WK) Update

WK has published a number of treatises that are now exclusively with WK. These will no longer be licensed to other providers, and a list of those treatises impacted is available if requested from WK. These treatises are part of some but not all packages on VitalLaw. Schools and firms should talk with their WK account manager to see if the treatises they can no longer access through other platforms are available a la carte or if they need to be purchased as part of a package.

There will be some changes and updates to the VitalLaw platform introduced at the upcoming AALL conference in Boston. The product team has been working to make the platform more user friendly, based on user feedback and focus groups. More information will be available after the AALL conference.

The print version of the Federal Tax Reporter for law firms is sunsetting and will no longer be available after the end of this year. The online version will be available on Vitallaw. Training will be available to help users of the print transition to the online version.

A single sign-on upgrade for VitalLaw is also in the works, to make access easier for users. WK is working with law firm tech to facilitate this. Law school students are less familiar in general with using the VitalLaw platform. Jane asked for materials to assist law school instructors for use in instructional materials for law students as appropriate.

That’s all the news from the May meeting. Happy summer everyone!

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