CRIV/LexisNexis Semiannual Call

On December 1 CRIV had its first semiannual call with LexisNexis. There were no outstanding Requests for Advocacy involving Lexis products from the membership to discuss. CRIV asked LexisNexis for clarification on who the primary contact should be for AALL members on any issues involving LexisNexis products and services outside the core and LexisAdvance. These include, but are not limited to, recent Lexis acquisitions (e.g. Lex Machina and Law360) and Lexis products primarily marketed overseas (e.g. JurisClasseur and LexisNexis Africa). CRIV was advised that AALL members should contact Library Relations Manager Cindy Spohr for all of these LexisNexis products and services. CRIV will update its Vendor Contact List to reflect this.

CRIV inquired about the timing of the transition from to LexisAdvance for federal government libraries. On the call Lexis confirmed that only a few federal agencies were unable to transition to LexisAdvance. Subsequently, on December 9, Lexis was able to confirm that all federal government libraries were eligible to transition to LexisAdvance. Any libraries with questions about this process should contact their LexisNexis Client Manager.

CRIV also asked for some clarification on the latest LexisNexis/ALM deal. LexisNexis has assured CRIV that the deal represents an extension of the status quo for most LexisNexis and ALM customers. Only the AmLaw200 libraries will see a significant change, which is that LexisNexis will be taking over for ALM as the Sales Team for ALM news products. CRIV will ensure its Vendor Contact List reflects this, as well.

LexisNexis wanted to ensure CRIV was aware of the recent LexisNexis acquisition of both MLex and Lex Machina. LexisNexis also wanted CRIV and the AALL membership to know that its releases for LexisAdvance will be more frequent, and that there will also be more minor updates between the major releases. These include the entire news archive being released in the first quarter of 2016, as well as better deduplication of news results. Finally, LexisNexis requested CRIV remind the membership of LexisNexis’s InfoPro newsletters, to keep libraries and customers up-to-date on the latest LexisNexis developments.

CRIV will hold another call with LexisNexis in Spring of 2016.

LexisNexis and ALM Deepen Ties

LexisNexis and ALM have extended their partnership for another five years. LexisNexis will remain the exclusive non-ALM home for ALM content and looks to be the primary provider for ALM archival content. In addition to access, the agreement also affects customer service and billing operations for some subscribers.

Jean O’Grady has a Q&A with ALM’s Molly Miller here.

Robert Ambrogi discusses the impact of this agreement, including his perspective as a former ALM author/editor here.

Thanks to PinHawk for the alert.

ALM Free Digital Membership Program

Over at LawSites, Robert Ambrogi discusses ALM’s newly announced free digital membership program. ALM’s original press release announcing the program is here.

The program being adopted seems similar to the porous paywall of the New York Times. Users get access to a small number of articles on ALM’s platforms per set period for free, before theoretically having to upgrade to access more. Workarounds, like free access to articles when their URLs are sent from colleagues or posted on Facebook/Twitter, seem to prevalent.

Of course, the ability to actually rely on the likelihood that a workaround will be available will depend on how frequently readers are sharing ALM articles.

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