Guide to Fair Business Practices

  • New vendor relations tools

    Spring is a time of progress and growth, and we’ve made a lot of headway on the vendor relations front in recent months. The work of the Library Procurement Process Improvements Task Force came to fruition in April when the Executive Board adopted the Procurement Toolkit and Code of Best Practices For Licensing Electronic Resources. In… Continue reading

  • Guide to Fair Business Practices Feedback Due July 15

    Just a quick reminder that the deadline for comments on the first draft of the revised AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices is July 15. A revised draft of the guide showing changes made is located on AALLNET at Comments can be submitted through the vendor relations community on AALLNET using your member login… Continue reading

  • Vendor Liaison news

    The June issue of the Vendor Liaison Update is now available on AALLNET. As noted in earlier posts, the Task Force on the Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers (Guide) seeks member and vendor comment on its First Draft of the next edition of the Guide. A redline version of the Guide can be found in the Task Force page on AALLNET or in the Vendor Relations community on… Continue reading

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