The CRIV Sheet, v. 37, no. 2 (March 2015)

The latest CRIV Sheet has been published. The TOC is listed below. And you can read the CRIV Sheet here:


  1. Contents
  2. Editor’s Corner
  3. From the Chair
  4. “Is This a Good Deal?” Fulfilling Our Duty as Fiscal Stewards of Institutional Resources
  5. Pressure Points in Vendor Relationships: Tips for Working with Outsourced Staff
  6. “The Right to E-Read” in Europe vs. the United States
  7. Kaye Scholer Library: The New Model for Going Digital

Legal products – what’s in, what’s out

Check out the survey results at Dewey B Strategic –

Report on CRIV Actions: Recall of some ABA sourcebooks announced

A librarian recently contacted CRIV about an issue concerning ABA sourcebooks.  CRIV, Margie Maes (AALL’s Vendor Liaison), the ABA, and the librarian discussed the issue and, as a result of these conversations, AALL requested that this letter be distributed to the law librarian community.  The ABA will also be contacting affected libraries directly.  

“Beyond Beall’s List: Better Understanding Predatory Publishers”

Of possible interest:

Margie Maes
AALL Vendor Liaison

About EBSCO Buying YBP

It’s been ten days since the announcement that EBSCO bought YBP from Baker &Taylor, but the benefit of being late to comment is that we can corral much of what’s already been said.

Here is the original press release from EBSCO that it is buying YBP (including its GOBI platform) from Baker & Taylor.

Here is a PDF of FAQs for current customers.

Both of these documents promise minimal disruption in the near future.

Notably, within an hour of receiving the EBSCO press release over email, I received ProQuest’s press release assuring customers that its ongoing relationship with YBP would not change. ProQuest elaborated on this here, promising that its ebrary and EBL ebooks would continue to be available through GOBI. ProQuest is often seen as EBSCO’s big rival in academic ebooks and online journal databases, and both EBSCO’s and ProQuest’s ebook platforms have been playing reasonably nice with YBP’s GOBI platform.

Here is Baker & Taylor’s press release about the sale of YBP to EBSCO.

Meredith Schwartz at Library Journal did a write-up, with her same-day article containing quotes from three EBSCO executives, as well as an academic librarian from EBSCO’s advisory board.

Use of mobile apps

Do you use mobile apps? iBrary Guy is looking at the how legal apps rank in Apple’s store. Today, he looks at the Big Publishers, tomorrow at others. Rank measures downloads, so the big question is whether attorneys actually use the apps. Maybe an analysis of Android apps will follow.

North Carolina cases digitized by State Library

The Goodson Blogson reports that the North Carolina State Library completed digitization of the official North Carolina Supreme Court Reports  through 2012 (volumes 1 – 365) and has made the first 100 volumes of the appellate court reports available. Read the article at the Duke Goodson Law Library blog  and check out the case reporters at the State Library’s North Carolina Digital Collections.

Thanks to the Duke law librarians for the post! Do you know of other reporter collections? Are they authenticated?


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