Name Change Legislation for GPO Advances

The Senate bill to change the GPO’s name from the Government Printing Office to the Government Publishing office will soon move forward to be considered by the full Senate:

AALL Spectrum : Members’ Briefing on E-Books

The current issue of AALL Spectrum includes the Members’ Briefing: E-Books Where Are We Now? Containing four engaging articles on various e-book topics, the briefing is a must-read for those dealing with the reality of e-books in their library:



Ongoing Discussions on Access to Federal Government Information

“A dramatic termination of e-government access occurred when the October 2013 federal funding gap resulted in a shutdown of government processes. The public’s access to government information was severely limited, and in some cases prohibited entirely. The natural progress for an advanced technological society is to make information available via Internet anytime and from anywhere. However, when access is eliminated, the resulting information crisis cripples the public’s interaction with the federal government. The shutdown and the subsequent lack of access to government information is an indicator that the information dissemination model is faulty, and reliance on a single point of access is a mistake. Libraries, long charged with protecting the public’s access to information, are challenged to find a viable solution to protecting free permanent public access.”  See the full article on LLRX,

CRIV Advocacy Request Update – Lexis shipping and handling costs

CRIV received a request from an academic law librarian regarding Lexis shipping and handling costs. Lexis responded to this request and has followed up with additional information.

The following information is from Cindy Spohr at Lexis:

LexisNexis currently charges Shipping & Handling based on the cost of the product shipped. We do offer several choices for users who do not wish to pay for S&H, including eBooks and the Digital Library.
In addition, we are exploring new shipping options for our customers; we will be announcing these programs to the market in the 2nd quarter.

Thanks to Lexis for following up with additional information about shipping and handling charges.


Cynthia Myers, CRIV Chair



Supplementation Changes to the Dunnell Minnesota Digest and the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia

Please see the message below from Cindy Spohr of Lexis regarding an earlier CRIV question to Lexis about supplementation.


Supplementation Changes to the Dunnell Minnesota Digest and the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia

LexisNexis is aware that budgets and staff are  shrinking in legal libraries.  We hoped that the move to a single-bound supplement would eliminate the need  to keep sets up-to-date and would reduce or eliminate lost supplements. 

LexisNexis provides up to three additional copies of the supplement, at no charge, for each set to eliminate issues with the single-bound supplement. Contact your print representative to secure additional copies.

We would  be delighted  to discuss the eBook version of these sets.  eBooks incorporate updates directly in each volume so that users always have the latest information.  eBooks also eliminate filing costs and lost supplements problems.

There are no current plans to change the supplementation method for other titles.

COUNTER Articles

The COUNTER Code of Practice for Articles (COUNTER Articles) is now published on the COUNTER website at: . This new Code of Practice responds to the growing demand for article-level metrics and has been developed as a result of the PIRUS (Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics) project. COUNTER Articles provides a COUNTER-compliant standard for the recording, consolidation and reporting of usage at the individual article level of journal articles hosted by Publishers, Aggregators, Institutional Repositories and Subject Repositories.

COUNTER Articles builds on the COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources and COUNTER will be responsible for its development, ongoing management and implementation. To have usage statistics and reports designated COUNTER-Articles compliant vendors and services will have to provide usage statistics that conform to this Code of Practice. Vendors that are already COUNTER-compliant will find it relatively straightforward to conform to the COUNTER Articles standard. In addition to what is already provided for COUNTER, the key additional metadata requirement for COUNTER Articles- compliance will be the article DOI, which allows usage to be recorded, reported and consolidated unambiguously for each journal article.

COUNTER Articles provides a standard that enables any organization hosting journal articles to report in a credible, consistent and compatible way the usage of these articles to authors, their institutions and their funding organizations. It also enables vendors to consolidate usage of articles on different platforms into a global usage total.

For more information, please contact Peter Shepher, Director – COUNTER,


Margaret K. Maes 
AALL Vendor Liaison

11 Mobile Apps for [not just] Law School Students

Some of these mobile apps are great for lawyers and librarians too. HeinOnline, Lexis Advance, WestLawNext, NOLO’s Plain English Law Dictionary, Camera to PDF, JotNot, ABA Journal, SCOTUSblog

Law lIbrarians were the sources for this list. Nice shoutout to our expertise!

“If in doubt, librarians say to go to the law library or check your library’s website to find the best apps and verify which have the most reliable information.

“‘In the law, of course, it’s very important that you get the law from the right sources,’ says Wisconsin’s Turner.”



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