CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Non-Receipt of Materials from Revere Legal Publishing

CRIV received a request from an Academic Library stating that they had not received materials from Revere Legal Publishing.  The Library had been working to resolve this issue with Revere since January 2012.  The Library was told by Revere that there was a shipping delay.  In the meantime, the number of titles that the Library was not receiving continued to grow.  The Library had several unanswered emails and phone calls with Revere prior to seeking the assistance of CRIV.
CRIV also struggled to get into contact with Revere.  However, Bill Jula did state that the library would receive the material at a reduced cost and that the delay in shipping was due to the material being put aside and not going out.
Thank you to Bill for his help resolving this issue.

Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair



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