CRIV Advocacy Request Update: Thomson Reuters Unsolicited Material Requiring Active Cancelation of Future Shipments

CRIV received an email from a Firm Librarian notifying CRIV that the Library had received unsolicited material from Thomson Reuters that required the Library to call and cancel future shipments of the unsolicited material.  The Librarian had already remedied the issue, but wanted to notify CRIV because the letter that came with the material did not contain contact information and putting the onus on Libraries to cancel is burdensome and did not meet the spirit of AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers 1.2.

I contacted Anne Ellis via email and was referred to Mark Sheiner, author of the letter for the unsolicited material.  Mark said that he could remove any library from the list for receiving unsolicited materials.  Further, he stated that his email was on the letter which is a reliable way to contact him.  The Librarian that initiated the request was provided Mark’s information to be permanently removed from receiving unsolicited materials.

Thank you to Anne and Mark for helping resolve this issue.
Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair



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