Request for Assistance: Requiring Social Security Number as part of eSignature for Business Transactions – Thomson Reuters

CRIV received a request from a firm librarian asking why it was necessary to require a social security number as part of an eSignature for an online  business transaction with Thomson Reuters.  Currently, the work around available is using an order form which can slow down the purchase process for eBooks needed in a hurry.  CRIV would like to thank Anne Ellis for looking into this issue.  Anne’s response is below.  Due to the response, CRIV is following back up on the issue to see if a more concrete explanation on this topic is available. For example, why can’t One Pass Verification be used as an alternative?

Dear Michelle:


Thank you for the opportunity to address concerns requesting the submission of personal identification during an online purchase.


Our ordering system requires a method to verify the person placing the order, commonly referred to as an electronic signature. The system’s settings require the individual’s name, title and last four digits of their social security number for verification.


If you have further questions regarding the online ordering process, please contact us at 1-800-328-4880.




Anne Ellis


Senior Director, Librarian Relations


If you need CRIV’s assistance please use our form, or email Michelle Cosby, at


Michelle Cosby, CRIV Chair


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