CRIV / LexisNexis Semiannual Call – Spring 2020

Date: June 18, 2020

Participants: Carolyn Bach (Senior Manager, Librarian Relations and Faculty Programs), James Oakes (Segment Manager), Karen Selden (AALL Board Liaison), Vani Ungapen (Executive Director, AALL) & Karen Provost (CRIV Board, LexisNexis Liaison)


Lexis Advance® Updates:

  • Non-billable Zones (NBZs): Law firms now have the ability to share “non-billable” links to sources and documents directly with their users. These links can be hosted on the firm’s intranet. NBZs are becoming more popular. Common applications now include an NBZ for summer associates and for attorneys to access specific content in a work from home environment.
  • Ravel™ View has been improved with a color set that is more accessible to our color-impaired users. We also improved the way Ravel View displays on the page so that valuable information from the legend isn’t obscured when a user engages with different aspects of the tool.
  • A project is well underway to merge practice centers with practice area pages and jurisdictional pages in Explore Content to improve usability and reduce confusion and clutter on the page. All jurisdiction pages and most practice areas are complete.
  • Improved work folders: Following the nationwide shift toward remote work due to COVID-19, we’ve been enhancing work folders by: 1) making sure that annotations and highlights added to any document saved in a folder are visible anywhere that document is accessed throughout the system; and 2) ensuring that the version of a document saved in a folder is always up to date with the live document. For example, if I annotate a case and save it in a folder, those annotations will be visible the next time I retrieve that case by citation from the home page; not just from within the folder. If I saved news stories in a folder and the publisher updates the language of those stories after the fact, the version in the folder will be the same as the version elsewhere on Lexis Advance, without my needing to manually update the folder. Similarly, the Shepard’s Signal™ indicators on cases in folders will reflect the current Shepard’s® symbol on the Lexis Advance service, without the need to update manually.
  • A minor enhancement, but one information professionals will appreciate, is a new indicator that makes it easy for users to identify when a source is no longer updated. A small icon that looks like a filing box will appear next to the name of the source in Find a Source, the Source Information window and in the word wheel.

Context Analytics:

In April, we released the Context Company Analytics module, featuring company profiles for nearly 2.5 million companies from around the world. Building on the exclusive legal language analytics in the Context offering, this new module also introduces industry-first news language analytics, allowing users to understand the interplay between news stories and litigation. We’re already seeing Context Company Analytics used by business development professionals as well as litigators.

The Context Expert Witness Analytics module now offers the ability to compare experts by hiring party, top jurisdictions, number of settlements, number of testimonies and number of challenges—right from the results set.

Lexis Product Liability Navigator™:

Perhaps the most exciting news is the recent launch of our newest, one-of-a-kind product—the Lexis Product Liability Navigator. Users can quickly identify relevant regulations, recalls and reports, multidistrict litigation, verdicts and settlements, and subject matter experts, and leverage exciting filters such “case law by theories of liability” or “affirmative defenses” and more. There’s nothing like it in the market.

Nexis Newsdesk™ Update:

  • Search results enhanced to include a default of less filters (ability to expand for more), an article preview button and an infographic to depict trends over time for that search
  • Quick Search rebranded as Simple Search—guided search template for new users
    • Helpful “Remove the Noise” filters added to post-search filters to help further refine results
  • New transfer of ownership functionality to allow administrators the ability to move content from one user’s account to another
  • Alerts merged into newsletters
  • Newsletter export functionality expanded to access the last 30 days of content

ID Migration Update:

Lex Machina® customers can now access the product via their Lexis Advance ID.

COVID-19 Complimentary Resources:


LexisNexis® Information Professional Resources:

The LexisNexis® InfoPro website and newsletters have been upgraded. This site is designed specifically for legal information professionals. The new streamlined InfoPro website includes current and archived InfoPro newsletters, research tips, law librarian webinars and additional resources for information professionals. Bookmark the site, and if you’re not a subscriber, click here to subscribe and stay on top of key enhancements added to the products you use daily.

Law librarianship is ever evolving, and so is the librarian relations team. The Librarian Relations Consultants have a new job title, Knowledge & Research Consultants, to better reflect how they support today’s law firm information professionals.  

LexisNexis is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the 2020 AALL Virtual Conference. We’re looking forward to spending time with you at the virtual exhibit hall.


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